Sunday Bird Droppings

Jason Hammel, pitching a baseball. Presumably in an actual game. - Scott Cunningham

What news there is about the Birds, you'll find it here.

School of Roch: Other possible replacements for Hale (updated)
"What's Sam Perlozzo doing these days? The former Orioles coach and manager is regarded as one of the best infield instructors in baseball." I hope he's kidding. Nothing again Sam, whom I'm sure is a great guy. But I don't want any coach back from 1998-2011 that wasn't on Buck's staff then.

Orioles have been quiet, but that's no reason to panic, Peter Schmuck writes -
"It's hard to believe, but the Orioles actually have too many starting pitchers to sort through next spring, so you're going to be hearing a lot of whispers before and during the upcoming winter meetings in Nashville about the availability of Brian Matusz, Jake Arrieta, Chris Tillman and Zach Britton — four young pitchers who once were considered almost untouchable by the Orioles front office." Hard to believe any of those four would get the O's a starter in the lineup, sure.

Boston writers to honor Orioles' Buck Showalter - Worcester Telegram & Gazette -
"After leading the Baltimore Orioles to their first postseason berth since 1997, Buck Showalter has been voted as Major League Manager of the Year by the Boston Chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America." Take that, Bob Melvin!

Praise or Pan: Will Jason Hammel regress along with his team?
"Although it should be expected that Hammel’s uptick in velocity will regress over the next few years (he’s 29—that’s what happens once you edge toward the big 3-0) which may affect his K-rate slightly, his groundball numbers should be sustainable providing the sinker continues to work the way it did in 2012. He’s able to throw said sinker with almost no drop-off in velocity from his four-seamer which is not only rare, but leads to it being undetectable by the batter until it’s too late." Not so sure how much regression is due for his fastball. Need to seem some empirical evidence that 30 is the year it starts to go south.

Baltimore Orioles Preliminary Prospect List - Minor League Ball
"The working list for the Top 20 Orioles Report." Noted by PBR in yesterday's BD. You you can clip stuff and make this a lot easier on me, right PBR?

Chuck Diering, former New York Giants outfielder, passes away at 89 - New York Baseball History |
"Chuck Diering, who spent nine seasons in the major leagues as an outfielder with the Baltimore Orioles, New York Giants, and St. Louis Cardinals, passed away Friday after taking a fall at his home in Spanish Lake, Mo. He was 89."

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