Tuesday Bird Droppings

Kinda like that Orioles script. Looks like it was scrawled by an 8 year old on a Nyquil bender. - Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

Droppin' them links like y'all need to drop them Turkey Day pounds!

The Rays have now handed out a $100m contract. That's amazing. Who's next? Billy Beane and the A's? The Padres? The Pirates? Time to break open the checkbook, Petey! But not necessarily for a free agent. Let's just go ahead and lock up Wieters and Manny for life.

Some minor news of note in the O's world yesterday, have yourself a gander!

School of Roch: Notes on coaching candidates, Erbe, Rowe and AFL (and Diering)

Just like a thorough arm workout, Roch's got all the angles covered.

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION of Independent Professional Baseball

It's the week before the Winter Meetings. So, yes, these are the types of 'news' clippings you get.

Rating the players (and contracts) in Major League Baseball, Part 1 - Grantland

Switch Hittin' Jesus and Dr. Jones earn nods in the 2nd half of the list. Click through to find out precisely where!

Baltimore Orioles Prospect List Update - Minor League Ball

Look for the finished list to come out sometime this morning. Exciting!

Free-agent matchmaker: Anibal Sanchez - Baseball Nation

The Birds get a mention from Mr. Brisbee. But how do they factor in? Read on to find out!

A New Era Takes Flight | Aberdeen IronBirds News

The Ironbirds got themselves a snazzy new logo.

Billy Williams: My Kingdom For a Ring | Instream Sports

Looooooooooooooooooooooong article. But a buried and brief tidbit: Billy Williams was almost an Oriole. Not sure he would have been enough of a difference maker to put the '75-'76 O's over the top of the AL East (they finished 2nd both seasons, and he was at the end of his long and productive career), but it sure would have been interesting to see Earl's O's take on the Big Red Machine!

Today is the birthday of Jason Berken and Randy 'Moose' Milligan. On this day in 1983, Eddie Murray would win the 2nd of his eventual 3 consecutive Gold Glove Awards.

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