29 Trades 29 Teams - Washington Nationals

I'm going to go ahead and do something a little different. This is my first Fan Post, btw so wahoo. Anyway, every other post in the 29-29 series I have read, which is almost all of them I believe, has gone about it like the trade was happening that very day. I am going to claim artistic license and go ahead and propose a trade that will happen this July at the trade deadline! Dun,dun-na!

Go ahead and check it out after the jump!

So a little info on how I came about this trade. This trade is assuming all of the following things occur between now and July.
1. The Orioles do not sign Adam Jones to an extension.
2. Adam Jones is putting up numbers equal to, or better than, his previous season through the first half.
3. The young pitchers on the team have shown no signs of becoming legit MLB starters.
4. The Orioles are in no realistic shot of making the playoffs (I can't see that happening, especially if number 3 happens)

Alright, so that is the situation. Now we look at the Nationals, former laughing stocks of the NL East, keeping pace with the Phillies and Braves and hoping to make a strong push down the stretch. All while having a combination of Roger Bernadina and Rick Ankiel start in center on a regular basis. They put together one of the best rotations in baseball in the offseason and have been dying to add that CF piece for a long time. And Mike Rizzo is not shy when it comes to making big moves.

So to make that last push to fight for the NL Wild Card or NL East title, Mr. Rizzo will be willing to make this offer to the Baltimore Orioles:

Orioles Receive:

Anthony Rendon - 3B - 21 years old

Sammy Solis - LHP - 23 years old

Taylor Jordan - RHP - 23 years old

Nationals Receive:

Adam Jones - CF - 26 years old

Joe Mahoney - 1B - 25 years old

So, Who Are These Guys?

The following scouting reports are from's Prospect Watch list, with a little of my opinion thrown in as well:

Rendon was the top college bat in the draft last year, according to He posted an .801 SLG% at Rice in his sophomore year and has the ability to hit .300 at the major league level. He was hurt last season so hasn't played pro ball yet, but with his college experience could shoot through the system. Trading him also allows the Nationals to extend Ryan Zimmerman who has stated he is willing to sign a team friendly deal (

Solis is a big (6'5") hard throwing lefty who tore up the Carolina League last season. He had an incredible 4.89 K/BB ratio last year and throws a hard fastball with a very good curve ball as well. With Steven Strasburg, Jordan Zimmerman, Gio Gonzales and Edwin Jackson, he will not likely see any MLB action this year, and could even not see any next year either.

Jordan isn't a star prospect. Hard throwing sinker baller who has a 3rd-4th starter ceiling according to He had Tommy John Surgery in July and didn't pitch the 2nd half of the season. Some question his ability to come back fully healthy. That coupled with the above statement regarding the Nat's rotation makes him expendable.

Mahoney adds depth to a 1B postion that isn't very good for the Nats with oft-injured Adam LaRoche and and Michael Morse likely taking over when Bryce Harper gets his call up. Joe Mahoney has been injured his minors career but some say he still has a lot of power that hasn't showed up yet completely. At this point, this is my opinion, it looks like he will become a power threat off the bench as a PH candidate. Making him a valuable in the NL.

To Conclude:

The O's receive two top 100 prospects ( and a third guy with upside who are all near MLB ready. This adds a lot of depth to the O's top level of the farm system. That Nationals go on to contend for, maybe win, the NL East, make the playoffs, get hot and win the World Series. Meanwhile all casual O's fans are so mad for shipping out AJ they'll hop on the Nats bandwagon claiming, "Hometown team!" and the O's attendence suffers further and they end up moving the franchise to El Paso really excited for these new prospects.

So that's what I think. There are a lot of "ifs" but thats the point of this series, is it not? What are your thoughts?

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