Arbitrary All-Stars, Or Small Sample Size (Kansas) City

So I finally got around to submitting my ASG ballot the allotted 25 times, and honestly, it was a bit of a struggle. For some reason it seemed to take a bit more effort this year. I don't know whether this is due to legitimate parity across positions or my increasing distrust/disinterest in BA and the traditional counting stats the ballot site gives you when you click on the button to "compare stats". I think more of the latter than the former. Anyway, my ballot selections are after the jump. If you give two sh*t$ about the ASG and would like to share your own selections in the comments, feel free!

In the AL, I went with these yahoos:

• 1B - Konerko, Paul
• 2B - Kinsler, Ian
• SS - Hardy, J.J.
• 3B - Longoria, Evan
• C - Wieters, Matt
• DH - Ortiz, David
• OF - Jones, Adam
• OF - Reimold, Nolan
• OF - Suzuki, Ichiro

Honestly, it pained me to put J.J. in as my SS pick. Outside of his 3 HR's, that line is embarrassing. I suppose it serves me right — voting doesn't close until June 28th! By then all the SSS/insane BABIP guys should have fallen back to earth and the slumping superstars should have found their swing again, but I just wanted to get this thing out of the way.

That said, I DO try to not be too much of a homer and actually look at the whole player. As much as I would have loved to pick folk hero Robert 'Bunyan' Andino over Kinsler, elite is elite and placeholder is placeholder.

Konerko is sort of a no-brainer at this point — as we saw last week, he (and to a slightly lesser extent, Pierzyns-douche) are absolutely carrying the White Sox.

I hated going with ANYONE from Boston or NY, but Ortiz is hitting well, and just seemed like the best DH choice at the moment.

SHJ better get the start this year if he keeps mashing and increasing his BB's and cutting down on his K's. His D hasn't been quite as banana-cakes lights out as it was in 2011 so far, but catching Matusz & Hunter will do that to a guy.

Finally, the OF... I really, REALLY wanted to make this an all-O's ballot in the OF, and while Nicky's been a decent "run-producer" with his occasional 1 and 2-run singles, I just couldn't give him the nod over Ichiro, who seems to have bounced back from last season's anemic slash line. Especially considering that thus far, Nick's offensive output looks more like what you'd expect from a pre-Cal, Jr. shortstop. Might be a dead cat mirage, but I like Ichiro, so I hope he sustains this output (except when he plays the Birds). And I really hope Markakis can continue clawing his way out of this slump.

For the NL, my ballot went a little something like this:

• 1B - Berkman, Lance
• 2B - Altuve, Jose
• SS - Furcal, Rafael
• 3B - Freese, David
• C - Posey, Buster
• OF - Kemp, Matt
• OF - McCutchen, Andrew
• OF - Young, Chris

I of course pay very little attention to the NL — I'm not a big fan of European baseball *zing!* — but a few of these were no-brainers. Actually, all but one of these selections was either a no-brainer or a push; the only one I feel a little iffy about is Buster Posey at C. Yadier Molina (small sample size an' all) probably deserves the nod at this point, but I just couldn't bring myself to slot him in along with Berkman, Furcal & Freese to give St. Louis FOUR starters on the squad, especially since you just KNOW La Russa is gonna pad his bullpen with Cardinal pitchers. Besides, Posey gets Brownie points for a) playing well after coming back from a grotesque injury, and b) having to carry a team offensively (with help from Pablo Sandoval) in cavernous AT&T Park.

I do feel a little bad about not giving the Nats any love, but most of their hot start is due to their pitching, not their offense.

So those are my picks. What are yours'?

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