Saturday Bird Droppings

April 6, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Orioles outfielders Nolan Reimold (14) , Adam Jones (10) and Nick Markakis (21) celebrate after a win on opening day against the Minnesota Twins at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The Orioles defeated the Twins 4 - 2.

Happy Saturday! The O's are in first place and I'm only a little bit sunburned. I watched the condensed version of the game this morning on MLB At Bat and I started to feel kinda weird. What IF Nick Markakis gets his power stroke back? What IF J.J. Hardy continues to take walks like that? What IF Jake Arrieta is a star?

I still know it won't happen of course. But that's the beauty of Opening Day and the few days after it. I intend to enjoy it while I can (which won't be long).

On to the links! Thanks to duck, who went on a clipping spree and made my job a lot easier this morning. Wait, today isn't Sunday, is it?

Minnesota Twins (2) vs. Baltimore Orioles (4) - Recap - April 06, 2012 - ESPN
"Jake Arrieta walked to the mound with one purpose: to let everyone know the Baltimore Orioles aren't as bad as advertised."

36 Perfect Games Already Have Been Pitched in MLB 2K12 - Kotaku
In a little more than two days since the contest began, three dozen perfect games already have been verified in the MLB 2K12 $1,000,000 Challenge. IN TWO DAYS. Wow.

How Old Can a Guy Be Before MLB The Show Finally Throws Him Out? - Kotaku
Jamie Moyer, at 49, isn't available in the game's rosters, because it automatically retires players by age 46. No exceptions.

"Mother--------' S----! Take Your A-- Home!" Or, Why The Baltimore Orioles Matter -
"I lost count of how many times I rewatched the clip, savoring every moment, but one moment above all the rest: Andino emerges from a pileup between second and third with his jersey untucked, and starts stalking back toward the home dugout. As he goes, he tips his head toward the visitors' side. "Mother------' S---!" he says. The lip-reading is pretty straightforward. His hand flicks back, in dismissal. "TAKE YOUR A-- HOME!" It's Deadspin, so NSFW language, or headline for that matter. The dashes are mine, trust me. (this is a great article for more reasons than just Robert Andino's awesome outburst -Stacey)

Steve Melewski: Arrieta: "I think we made a statement today"
"As a team we take it personal that most people write us off from the get-go. I think we made a statement today that we've got a lot to play for this year."

Amber Theoharis: For Roberts, positives are starting to outweigh negatives
More Brian Roberts propaganda.

Cockeysville boy, 5, hits a home run as Orioles' Opening Day '10th man' -
I had to clip this because this kid was super adorable.

Steve Melewski: Bundy's sensational pro debut (with play-by-play)
Here are the details on Bundy's debut last night. He threw 45 pitches, not 21. His fastball touched 97 but sat 94-95. He went to a full count twice.

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