Camden Chat Pick 6 - Weekly Contest

Update, May 14th: Congratulations to the weekly winner, Macho Machado! MM made a comeback on the last day, scoring 50.4 points yesterday to take the lead with 312.2. And the daily winner for the week goes all the way back to Tuesday, when dfa put up a score of 97.5. Check out the weekly leaderboard to see how you did this week.

Both winners should keep an eye out for an email from me regarding your prizes (a Camden Chat t-shirt and Camden Yards 20 t-shirt). Congratulations!

As for yesterday's contest, gainesta09 took home first place for the day as Joey Votto's 48.5 points led him to a 95.3 point day. The rest of the top five were Br10n (82.1), Steve. (78), Gamecock24 (67.4), and tjk (61.2)

A new contest starts today! Scroll down the front page for the details or click here.

Update, May 13th: There was no update yesterday because the scoring was screwed up, but the first place person for Friday, May 11th was lftyg33 with 91.9! Congrats! It was not Luke E, though he was at the top of the leaderboard before the scoring was fixed. Here is the full leaderboard for May 11th. In case you're interested, the Pick 6 team's explanation for the scoring is: "we had some server-side issues pop up that miscalculated a lot of player scores." Hopefully that's taken care of.

On to yesterday! siglin83 took home first place for yesterday's contest with a score of 65.5. Rounding out the top five are thegoodTK (60.0), Macho Machado (42.7), kba26 (42.5), and Luke E (42).

Today is the last day in this week's contest, so get your picks in by 1:05. And if you haven't been playing all week, don't worry, you can still win highest single day total.

Current weekly leader: dfa - 263.4 (Weekly Leaderboard)

Current daily leader: dfa - 97.5 (this one seems insurmountable)

Update, May 11th: Adam LaRoche and Stephen Strasburg led twistedlogic to victory yesterday (what is he, some kinda Nationals fan?) with 65.5 points. His big day combined with a poor showing from dfa pushed twisted to the top of the weekly leader board with three days to go.

Yesterdays top five: twistedlogic (65.5), Astronaut Mike Dexter (62.3), Brotz13 (58.7), J(O's)elskIL (57.7), odawg36 (55.1)

Current weekly leader: twistedlogic, 200.6 (Weekly Leaderboard)

Current daily leader: dfa, 97.5 (May 9th)

First game tonight is at 7:05 so you have plenty of time to make your picks.

Update, May 10th: Given the fact that my 42 points was good enough for 8th place last night, I'm guessing there were more than a few Orioles and Rangers picked for yesterday. There was a question in the comments about what happens in the case of a rainout, and the answer is that you're out of luck. Also, when you're making your picks for today, note that every Ranger and Oriole will best listed twice. You can only have them for one game, and you have to decide which. Now, the results.

Orthomar took home the top score last night with 75.6 points, 20 points in front of the number two guy, Pack Man (55.6). Rounding out the top five for yesterday are zsiv (55.4), NSOsFan (54.8) and Slomania12 (50.7).

Current Weekly Leader: dfa - 159.9 (Weekly Leaderboard). It's a close race, though, with #2 zsiv just 1.5 points behind.

Current Daily Leader: dfa - 97.5

Today's first game is being played at 4:05, and since it's Thursday there are only seven games being played. Good luck!

Update, May 9th: I checked the scores before I went to bed last night, and Do The John Wall, the only person on CC to pick Josh Hamilton, was in the lead. But dfa took advantage of the late games and surged ahead to take first place with 97.5 points. Unfortunately for DTJW, everyone his team other than Hamilton was pretty crappy.

The top five for yesterday are: dfa (97.5), Do The John Wall (78.5), Colonol Corndog (71.7), Jesse Ray (66), and pickle6 (60.5)

Current Weekly Leader: dfa, 149.5 (Weekly Leaderboard)

Current Daily Leader: dfa , 97.5 (Daily Leaderboard)

Today's first game is at 1:10 p.m., so be sure to make your picks by then.

Update, May 8th: After one day, the leader is Macho Machado, who scored 76.7 points. His big points leader was David Ortiz, who knocked around Royals pitching to the tune of 28.2 points. Rounding out the top five are Robert R (71), Brotz13 (70.1), OsnBohs (63.1), and thegoodTK (60.7)

Current Weekly Leader: Macho Machado, 76.7 (Weekly Leaderboard)

Current Daily Leader: Macho Machado, 76.6 (Daily Leaderboard)

There are no day games today so you have until 7:05 to get your picks in.

First Post:

This week I thought we'd try a weekly Pick 6 contest! The Pick 6 week runs from Monday-Sunday, so today is day #1. Be sure to get your picks in by 1:05 p.m. today as that's the first game of the day.

If you don't think you'll be able to participate every single day of the week, don't let that stop you from playing! I'm going to give out prizes to both the weekly winner and the person with the single highest daily total for the week.

So get to playing! I'll update this FanPost every day this week to keep track of the winners.

Good luck! May the odds be ever in your favor.

FanPosts are user-created content and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors of Camden Chat or SB Nation. They might, though.

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