The curious case of Brian Matusz.

Gentleman I come to you for your perspective and opinions on a problem that has perplexed me greatly (and caused a few sleepless nights). As i'm sure some of you know our very own Brian Matusz was sent down to Triple A Norfolk as a result of consecutive bad outings to ...well figure things out. He promptly threw a complete game shutout of the Charlotte knights (who are the top team in the division.....if that matters at all) so that means he's cured right!! Matusz said Brady Anderson taught him how to grip a change-up (um are all the pitching coaches busy?!?!) so he must be cured right! !e got our ace prospect back???? Well it is my opinion that he is not and I will explain my reasoning why but what I want from you is your honest answers to the following questions?

1. Why has Brian struggled in the majors?

2. What does his success at Triple A mean?

3. What to do with him in the future?

The following is what I personally feel about Brian Matusz , please feel free to disagree and state why! I'm just a regular old fan, I'm no scout or pitching coach and am just enjoying the one of the best parts of being a hardcore fan speculation and armchair GM'ing. My information comes from years of watching Brian pitch at the major league level and live at norfolk (where i'm from) What I think doesn't amount to a hill of beans and i'm aware of that so i'm very interested to see someone else's perspective on it.

My thought process is Brian is a flawed pitcher at his deepest level....his entire approach to what makes him SUCCESSFUL has been his ability to pitch backwards (throwing offspeed/breaking in FB counts is a general way to put it but it pretty much means not giving a batter anything easy to hit i.e. no fastballs) Brian has two of the best curveballs you'll find anywhere and pitchers struggle to do anything against them. BUT there in lies the problem you can't pitch backwards in the can have some success at first when they don't know you but as soon as the scouting reports are printed and I can tell you they SCREAM WAIT ON THE FASTBALL Brian has been Batting practice for any patient hitter.

That brings me to why he dominates at the low ball level these guys have NO patience they swing at whatever so naturally they stay completely off balance and do nothing but groundout all game (see tides game).

Now as to what to do with Brian.....honestly you keep the guy at AAA till he looks like great trade bait and you trade him.....yah I know trust me I love Matusz that kid has balls to take the beating he took in 2011 and then work his butt off with Anderson and jump back in the fire but if you go back and look at all the scouting reports ALL the predictions all the ACE projections were based on his FB developing over time....folks that never happened....that fastball is MEAT low 90s flat average control. You take a pitcher who has Ace projections and can get by on impatient low ball players to post sparkling minor league numbers and you end up with someone who will always have the fans clamoring to bring up but will always get shelled and set back down...the AL East has figured brian out he could use a change of scenery.

IF you were going to keep him I would try to do something with his delivery or whatever to improve that Fastball (biomechanical analysis used on Tillman) because until he does he'll never to me be AL east major league starting pitcher material.

Thanks for reading I know its long please feel to free to give your opinions I would really like to se if i'm missing something on this guy because I really want to be able to believe in him and this club could sure use an ACE that wouldn't cost us Machado.

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