A HUGE thank-you to the denizens of CC

Hey everyone - As we head into the final 11 (?) games, I want to thank everyone, and remind us all what a fantastic ride this has been. Longtime Oriole fan here - first game attended was Game 2 (I think) of the 1973 ALCS (I think). I have diligently followed the team every year, but usually given up at the All-Star break. Not this year! I got an subscription in March (fantastic, btw) and started reading CC at the same tim. I want to give it up to all the goombahs, poohbahs, whatever you call yourselves - if it all goes wrong in the next 10 days, it was a great ride and I will see you all again in March. Meantime, let's hear it for:

Stacey: I think I'm a little bit in love. Don't tell my wife. A zillion great articles, and riding herd nicely on the chat sessions

PBR me ASAP: My brother ran a restaurant whose menu featured PBR, in an ironic way, so I'm predisposed to like you - but you earn it, bro

Eat More Esskay - you rule, dude. "But it is not this day" was perhaps my favorite thing evah. I went around sniveling and feeling majestic and Shakespearean for, like, three days. Your July 4 thing was also fantastic - I used to make my kids sit down and listen while I declaimed the Declaration of Independence to them. They don't sit still for that anymore, so I get my kicks where I can, and your riff on Matusz and Arrieta (I think?) was awesome

Wieters Wieners - I don't have a grasp on you yet, but I think you are more hardcore than everyone else

Westcoast O's fan 21 - Like you, I follow from afar. And I appreciate your recaps of late games - great stuff. Also you push the envelope on GIF parties, which is fun!

There are several others whose names escape me, and right now I'm loving you all. Zknower, Andrew, that goes double for you. Someone please catch me up on whatever Dan O'Hare had to say at the start of the year.

I promise to write a more substantive post real soon. Meantime, Orioles Magic, feel it happen! I will be at Fenway this Sunday with two brothers and 8 friends, proudly sporting the orange and black.

Buck Showalter, drinks are on me for the rest of time

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