The Potential 2012 Baltimore Orioles Playoff Roster

I would like to start off this post by stating the obvious, the Orioles have a possibility to compete in the playoffs for the first time since 1997. It is a possibility, but not a definite and I certainly hope that I do not mess with the baseball gods in any shape or form by acknowledging that a playoff birth is not mathematically clinched or even an overwhelming likelihood. I am particularly intrigued by the Orioles 25 man playoff roster. I think the Orioles perhaps have the greatest depth in Major League Baseball (I would like to see a comparison of WAR by part-time contributors). The Orioles have been a major beneficiary of expanded rosters with a 16-7 September record. This has allowed Buck a surplus of arms with which he is able to better manage the roster.

There are many contributors to the 2012 Baltimore Orioles who sadly will not make the playoff roster, and many newish faces making the roster. I will break it down into definites, likely in, likely out and outs. The maybe in's are the guys who I do not think are guaranteed a spot on the roster, but I predict to ultimately be one of the final 25.

Definites (20):

C: Matt Wieters

1B: Mark Reynolds

2B: Robert Andino

3B Manny Machado

SS: JJ Hardy

LF: Nate McLouth

CF: Adam Jones

RF/DH: Chris Davis

UT: Ryan Flaherty

OF: Endy Chavez (crazy, huh) *replaces Markakis, Nick

C: Taylor Teagarden

SP: Wei Yin Chen

SP: Chris Tillman (crazy, huh)

SP: Joe Saunders

RP: Darren O'Day

RP: Jim Johnson

RP: Troy Patton

RP: Brian Matusz (crazy, huh)* replaces Pomeranz, Stu

RP: Luis Ayala

P: Steve Johnson

Likely in: (5)

SP: Jason Hammel

RP: Pedro Strop

DH: Jim Thome

OF: Lew Ford

SP: Miguel Gonzalez

Likely out: (4)

UT: Omar Quintanilla

P: Tommy Hunter

P: Jake Arrieta

P: Randy Wolf


OF: Xavier Avery

P: Zach Phillips

P: Dylan Bundy

C: Luis Exposito

UT: Steve Tolleson

OF: LJ Hoes

Senor Duquette and Los Showalter have some difficult decisions ahead. It felt very strange writing Chris Tillman, Brian Matusz and Endy Chavez as definites for a 2012 Baltimore Orioles team in this bizarre strange world. The rotation is obviously the huge question mark and the particular concern should be focused on the health of Jason Hammel as well as the stamina of rookie arms Miguel Gonzalez and Wei Yin Chen. I believe all three will be on the playoff roster, but there is a possibility that Hammel or Miguel could be left out of the 25 man roster. For position players, it seems inefficient to carry Flaherty and Quintanilla, but I wouldn't discount the possibility of Buck leaving Jim Thome or Lew Ford off the roster in favor of the glove of Omar comin Quintanilla. Ford would obviously be an easier choice to leave off the roster if the Orioles were to face a string of RHP's. The Orioles have major injury and inning eating concerns and I am very intrigued by the potential decisions that hopefully will be made if the Orioles can make the playoffs in 2012.

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