Wednesday Bird Droppings

Say 'Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!' - Greg Fiume

I miss baseball

Hot stove? More like cold stove, amiright!? But fret not, denizens of Birdland. Take solace in this theory of mine: Dan Duquette and Scott Boras are two sides of the same coin. Both are -content-, Nay!, happy, to play the long game; to wait the market out to the bitter end. And in the end, both get what they are after. Remember that last year's trade with Colorado didn't happen until February. I'm convinced HBGM has something simmering on the back burner. And we'll all get a pleasant Valentine's surprise. But, until then, we must make do with the meager morsels that we uncovered in the Winter soil. The links! They beckon. Heed their clarion call!

Orioles Inbox: How will the batting order shake out? | News

Did you know that S. Epatha Merkerson, who played the detective squad chief on Law and Order, also played Reba the Mail Lady on Pee Wee's Playhouse? Well now you do. Here, Brittany Ghiroli answers some email questions.

Baltimore Orioles legend Robinson speaks out on Hall of Fame, steroids - Sports

Brooksy the best.

Arbitration Breakdown: Matt Wieters: MLB Rumors -

He's about to start getting expensive. How about'a nifty contract extension announcement at Fanfest? That'd be awfully swell, I reckon.

Camden Depot: Will J.J. Hardy's Bat Bounce Back?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Is Justin Upton a Good Fit for the Orioles? - Yahoo! Sports

For the price the Mariners were willing to part with? No. For a package that does not include either Manny or Dylan? Sure.

Orioles to make first ESPN 'Sunday Night Baseball' appearance in five years - Baltimore Business Journal

The upside: Pretty neat. Pretty cool. The downside: It's one more game we miss out on 3DG and Palmer's booth antics.

Camden Depot: How Orioles Writers Would Vote for Hall of Fame (2013)

The Depot polled your humble narrator (quoted in regards to my vote for Raffy), along with a number of other Birdland luminaries. Have a look see at the results why don't you.

Prospect Watch: Green, Beck, SchreursBaltimore Sports and Life

BSL has the skinny on some low level prospects you've probably never heard of.

Where Are They Now: Kyle Hudson | Bowie Baysox News

Find out what happened to some one time baby Birds who flew the coup!

Happy Birthday, Jack Cust! On this day in 1970, Cardinals' Outfielder Curt Flood would file a lawsuit challenging the 'Reserve Clause'. Though this specific challenge would be rebuffed, it would set in motion tremendous change in the business of baseball. Leading, particularly, to free agency and salary arbitration.

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