Sunday Bird Droppings

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

A few Spring Training games have been finalized, Henry Urrutia seems to be just fine, and should Nick Markakis bat lead-off? Orioles fans want to know!

School of Roch: More about Markakis
So while we at Camden Chat ponder if his option should be picked up in 2015 or if the O's should cut bait, other fans are wondering if Nick Markakis should lead off in the batting order.

School of Roch: Springing ahead with a few exhibition dates (updated)
Seven Spring Training game dates and opponents have been released, and the press corps is already reminiscing about lunch spreads at the respective ballparks. I'm in the wrong profession.

Steve Melewski: Why the backlash against bunting? (Urrutia note)
Steve wants to know why some fans are always opposed to bunting. Why? Because Earl Weaver taught us it is a waste of one of your team's precious 27 outs, and math show us it's a lower percentage play to score a run almost all the time. Oh, and CDHU left his AFL game Friday with mild elbow soreness, and is expected to play again almost immediately.

David Price’s price tag may be getting too high - Sports - The Boston Globe
The Boston Globe thinks the Orioles might be a team that makes a run at a trade for David Price. That's so cute.

Happy Birthday to Ron Moeller and Hayden Penn.

On this day in Orioles history...

1970 - "In the World Seriesthe Baltimore Orioles win their third straight over the Cincinnati Reds, 9 - 3, with winning pitcher Dave McNally slugging a grand slam. Frank Robinson and Don Buford also hit home runs and third baseman Brooks Robinson continues his excellence on defense as he makes two spectacular grabs in the field." (Video goes to the entire game on YT posted by MLB Classics)

1971 - "The Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates play the first night game in World Series history. Roberto Clemente bats three hits and rookie catcher Milt May delivers a game-winning pinch-hit in Pittsburgh's 4 - 3 comeback victory." Can't hate on Roberto Clemente, but you know my feelings on Pittsburgh...

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