Wednesday Bird Droppings

2 days in a row of Jonathan Schoop as the picture!? Happy birthday, Schoopy! - Greg Fiume

So how are you feeling about a Red Sox-Cardinals...(yawns)...World Series?


School of Roch: On this date in 1983 ...
Something magic happened!

Police say Cal Ripken's mom in brush with armed man - ESPN
Geez. Hire a bodyguard or get a big 'ol mean lookin' dog to protect your mom, Cal & Billy.

Steve Melewski: A look at the O's pitching prospect that got props in two different leagues

SteveO profiles the young E-Rod.

Camden Depot: Arrivals and Departures 40 Man Update: Impending Free Agents and Notables Out of Options

Just go ahead and bookmark this link right now. That way whenever there is a question about 'does so-and-so' have any options left? you can just click and scroll and viola! Answer found. And then you can answer said query and look all smart and stuff! Looking Back At Successes, Struggles Of 2013 Orioles

The good, the bad, and the ugly of Orioles baseball v.2013

Reimold may get one final shot with Orioles | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore

Time will tell.

The greatest home run of all time - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

As Schoenfield mentions, I also heard Jazayerli & Sheehan discuss this on their podcast. It's a fantastic show, and I highly recommend it.

On this date: in 1969 the O's are defeated 4 games to 1 in the World Series by the Mets.  That '69 O's squad was a juggernaut that put up 109 wins in the regular season and swept the Twins in the ALCS. Possibly one of the greatest ballclubs of all time. In 1971, the O's tie up the Series 3 games a piece when Brooksy drives in Frank in the 10th inning who had already torn his hamstring and aggravated an Achilles injury earlier in the game. In 1979, the Pirates shutout the O's to tie the Series at 3 games each. And, as mentioned above, in 1983 EDDIE! EDDIE! hits 2 home runs as the O's defeat the Phillies 4 games to 1 to win the club's 3 World Series. And there was much rejoicing.

Happy birthday, Jonathan Schoop!

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