Sunday Bird Droppings

Matt Wieters - Greg Fiume

Rick Adair's departure leaves many questions, although it seems the beat reporters do know the answers, and are unwilling to publicize them. It's probably for the best that way.

Thoughts on the Orioles' pitching coach search, Cal Ripken Jr., Arizona Fall League -
The O's will focus on finding a pitching coach not already in the organization.

School of Roch: Adair talks about leaving the Orioles and his future (updated)
Rick Adair 's comments point toward family issues as the root cause for his departure, but reading between the lines, maybe some baseball issues cropped up, too.

School of Roch: Showalter on Adair
Buck Showalter thanks Rick Adair for his service and seems ready to move on. Nothing to see here, folks...

School of Roch: This, that and the other
Roch Kubatko hints at "deeper" reasons for Rick Adair's departure, but won't divulge what he's heard. He said Buck Showalter emphatically denied Adair's leaving is tied in any way to pitcher performance.

School of Roch: Griffin waiting for chance to interview with Orioles
Mike Griffin , Norfolk's pitching coach, is in the mix, but it sounds like Dan Duquette wants someone who's done the job before.

Winter League roundup: Ender Inciarte paces Zulia in win | News
"Caribes, meanwhile, got three shutout innings in relief from Orioles lefty T.J. McFarland, who allowed two hits." Woo hoo! Go T.J.!

Orioles Support of Spirit Day Met With Controversy - Around Town - Dundalk, MD Patch
The Orioles took to Facebook to promote the MLB-wide "Spirit Day" to "stand up against bullying and stick up for LGBT youth". With comments enabled. As you can expect, it didn't end well.

The Secret Lives of Teachers - Capital Style
Kelly Rampelmeyer, teacher at The Summit School, won a slot as an Orioles "ball girl" this past season. One of many interesting side professions of teachers this article highlights.

Happy Birthday to former Oriole Bobby Floyd. Nothing of note occurred on this date in Orioles history.

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