Sunday Bird Droppings

K-Rod might just be gone. - Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

K-Rod (probably) ain't coming through that door, Honey Badger GM says he'll focus on OBP and pitching, and the heads groundskeeper at OPaCY gets the New York Times spotlight.

Pitching is focus of Orioles offseason -
"We need to improve our run production. Our slugging was good, but our on-base capability certainly needs to improve and our pitching needs to improve." Now, let's see if Dan Duquette actually does anything about it this off-season.

Baltimore wasn't the right fit for K-Rod | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
"Rodriguez won’t be re-signed by the Orioles, but even though there are a lot of serviceable relievers on the market, he should get a decent one-year contract elsewhere." When your lede is in the last paragraph, I wonder just how well sourced your speculation is. Sounds like a wish more than reporting.

School of Roch: Is this Bud Norris trade for you?
"You fill a room with baseball people, and half will say it's a mistake to part with Hader, whose velocity and stock made a significant jump in a short amount of time. The other half will say you take the proven major leaguer over a low Single-A pitcher a year removed from high school." I liked the acquisition, but Hader was too high a price for my pocketbook.

Women Shaping a New Path Among a Rich Baseball Tradition -
"Maybe that’s where the bluegrass boll weevil was eating at the roots," (OPaCY Heads Groundskeeper) Nicole McFadyen said, pointing to an illustration. "The lights of the stadium attract bugs, which come down to the field and lay their eggs." Apparently Nicole Sherry has a new last name. And attention from The New York Times.

Happy Birthday to former Orioles (Sweaty) Freddy Garcia, Greg Walker, and Joe Frazier, who did not go on to fight Muhammad Ali after his baseball career.

This date in Orioles History:

1966 - Jim Palmer, at age 20, becomes the youngest pitcher with a World Series shutout as the Baltimore Orioles beat the Los Angeles Dodgers, 6 - 0. Sandy Koufax is the loser in his last appearance in the major leagues. Dodgers outfielder Willie Davis commits three errors on successive plays in the 5th inning.

1983 - Baltimore Orioles pitcher Mike Boddicker strikes out a playoff-record 14 batters en route to a 4 - 0, five-hit victory over the Chicago White Sox in the second game of the ALCS.

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