Tuesday Bird Droppings

Greg Fiume

Drifting along through the off-season doldrums

Well, if the signing of minor league free agents is your bag, baby, you're a fan of the right team. 'Cause that's all the O's are up to at the moment. While the press opines on the merits of not making certain trades, and other clubs aggressively scoop up value plays such as Tim Hudson, the Warehouse rounds out the Norfolk and Bowie rosters.

Bronson Arroyo has heard from the Phillies, Dodgers, Angels, Twins and Orioles | HardballTalk
I've reversed course from my previous reversal. I hope the only thing he heard from the O's was 'good luck with all your future endeavours'.

Camden Depot: Chris Young: Starting Left Fielder?
I'd certainly be on board with this. The defense would be stellar and the offense would be of the rally killing variety.

As Orioles build left-handed reliever depth, how will it affect major league bullpen? - baltimoresun.com
Got the market cornered on LOOGYs, y'all.

Steve Melewski: A look at minor leaguers that may be added to the 40-man, plus news on Wieters and J. Johnson

Don't think either Berry or Ohlman require protection. Both are still over a year away and wouldn't stick on a major league roster for a full season. Would have to strongly consider protecting the Gamblor.

Texas should deal Kinsler, sign McCann - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Or, perhaps if they miss out on McCann...trade for Matt Wieters? Hell, they could use a Closer as well so throw in older-younger JJ while we're at it!

Catcher Aging is a Curve, Not a Cliff | FanGraphs Baseball

Interesting in how it relates to the idea of signing Matt Wieters to a long term extension.

Roy Oswalt wants to pitch next season | HardballTalk

Worth a flyer. Still boasts a strong K rate, doesn't issue so many free passes, and can keep the ball in the yard well enough.

On this date in 1963, Hank Bauer is tapped as the new manager of the Orioles. In 1993, then Expos HBGM lands a coup when he trades 2Bman Delino DeShields to the Dodgers for a then relatively obscure young Dominican pitcher named Pedro Martinez. Got another deal like that in ya, DD?

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