Orioles rumors: Team has contacted starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo

I do enjoy his leg kick. - Joe Robbins

According to Arroyo himself, the Orioles are one of six teams who have shown interest in the veteran pitcher.

Behold, the offseason rumor mill. In an interview on MLB Network Radio, right-handed pitcher Bronson Arroyo stated that while everything is still preliminary and he hasn't gotten any offers, he has been contacted by the Twins, Phillies, Dodgers, Giants, Angels, and the Orioles. Of course, what Arroyo actually said was "maybe even the Orioles." Ringing endorsement, don't you think?

Arroyo isn't something that I'd target if I were running the Orioles (and I think we can all agree that it's a good thing I'm not), but he's a guy who isn't going to get a huge deal in terms of years, so that makes sense. MLB Trade Rumors predicted that Arroyo would get a two-year, $24 million contract, which seems a little rich for the Orioles. Keep in mind that the Giants just signed Tim Hudson to a two-year, $23M contract, so it's possible that MLBTR prediction is a little low.

Arroyo has a few things going against him, in my opinion. For one, he'll be 37 years old when the 20134 season starts, so signing him to a multi-year deal is iffy. He also has spent the last eight seasons pitching in the National League. He was in a good division on a team that has been competitive, but that's not an indication that he'd thrive in the A.L. East.

In the plus column is the fact that Arroyo has had an ERA under four in four of the last five seasons (although he outperforms his FIP every season), and he's pitched at least 199 innings every season since 2005. And in a common theme among pitchers it would be good for the Orioles to target, Arroyo is a ground ball pitcher. Not as extreme as Tim Hudson, but he has a career GB% of 40.6% and, with 44.4% in 2013.

So what do you think of the Orioles going after Arroyo? Yay or nay?

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