Orioles Winter Meetings Roundup, Tuesday: "Offer made" to a free agent; progress getting lefty hitter

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Rounding up Tuesday's Orioles news at the winter meetings: Dan Duquette said the team made an offer to a free agent, made progress getting a lefty hitter, and had not discussed extensions with Chris Davis or Matt Wieters.

As Tuesday at the Winter Meetings came to a close, GM-analogue Dan Duquette spoke with members of the Orioles media and dropped this bombshell:

I wonder whether he paused after making that statement to grin as every Baltimore reporter started tapping out that information into a tweet on their phones. I have seen this phenomenon in action.

Making an offer does not amount to a hill of beans in this crazy mixed-up world.

Duquette also took a field trip into the 1970s in addressing the O's search for a closer:

The beat writers relayed that the offer that was made was not to a closer, so whatever the Orioles level of interest is on Grant Balfour, it's not to the point where they've made a formal offer. So just who did they make an offer to? No clue, but there was this:

This is probably more meaningless winter meetings mumbo jumbo, but there's always a chance that the offer was connected to this left-handed hitter, whoever it is. Perhaps they did some discussion of a trade. The O's were reported to have had some discussions with the Marlins about Logan Morrison, though so have several other teams. He is left-handed. Then again, so is Shin-Soo Choo. Then again, so is Raul (expletive deleted) Ibanez.

Nelson Cruz is not left-handed.

Have you been harboring hopes that the Orioles would hash out a contract extension with either Matt Wieters or Chris Davis? Don't expect any movement this week:

Ryan Webb passed his physical and that signing is now official, giving the Orioles 38 players on the 40-man roster. Duquette has insisted that the Orioles will add a player other than with the Rule 5 Draft on Thursday. If that's the case, they would leave the winter meetings with a full roster.

The evening news dump with reporters seems to signify the close of official business for the day, though there is always the chance that as people get drunk and schmooze, interesting rumors will bubble to the surface as the night progresses. Some of them may even have a kernel of truth, and some may even involve the Orioles doing something other than nothing.

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