Sunday Bird Droppings

Is Tommy Go Boom in line for the closer gig? - Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Grant Balfour's still mad, Tommy Go Boom might be the closer, and the new pitching coach likes to talk to his pitchers. Weird.

Now closing for the Orioles ... Tommy Hunter? -
I'm just gonna let that sink in for a while.

Report: The Orioles are “being aggressive” in pursuit of Fernando Rodney | HardballTalk
Well, maybe Tommy Go Boom isn't the closer just yet...

Orioles appear to believe Grant Balfour is too much of a risk to warrant $15 million -
And for those wondering, both physicians who are attesting to Balfour's health have a vested interest to do so. This is one link I'd suggest you read to the end.

Second opinions galore on Grant Balfour | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
Remember, Grant Balfour's side can say whatever they want. The O's can't comment on why they had an issue with his physical.

School of Roch: Reopening the closer controversy in Baltimore
Fernando Rodney isn't going to get $10M a year from the O's, and the front office is livid over the comments by Balfour's doctors.

School of Roch: A few random thoughts
"Did you see what AP is reporting about Ponson?" (the editor) asked. "No," I replied, "but I'm guessing that he didn't save a bunch of nuns and orphans in a fire." Fun stuff.

Steve Melewski: A conversation with new O's pitching coach Dave Wallace
Dave Wallace is big on communication. Well, there's a controversial new technique for dealing with pitchers.

New Oriole David Lough talks about his game -
“I know I can steal a lot more bases based on the speed that I bring,” he said. “It’s just a comfort level. I really do feel like I could be a 30-bag-steal guy year-in and year-out.”

Los Orioles agresivos por fichar a Rodney -
And here's your non-English Link of the Week.

Happy Birthday to Zach Britton, Blake Davis, Chris Jakubauskas, Lonnie Smith, Tom Underwood, and Orioles Hall of Fame Member Elrod Hendricks. Ran out of time for This Date in O's History. Sorry.

Consider this your NFL Open Thread for the penultimate week of the regular season.

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