The Mysterious PTBNL & The Orioles: 1999-Present

The Orioles recent trade of closer Jim Johnson for Jemile Weeks and a PTBNL got me thinking about that tack on player. How important is that player really? Camden Depot has a nice piece up that says, among other things, that the trade can't be given a final grading until we know who that PTBNL is:

Whoever that player is, we need to wait for that announcement before firming up our opinion on the probable value of this deal.

Well here's the thing. PTBNL generally aren't worth jack, especially in recent Orioles history. I looked at the most recent PTBNL that the Orioles have acquired and it's actually pretty sparse. I went all the way back to 1999 and found seven trades where the Orioles netted a PTBNL. Of those I was only able to find 4 actual players indicated (at times cash considerations are sent to complete the deal it seems though I may be wrong here). Here are the players who had the most impact on the club:

3. Angel Chavez (acquired from the Philadelphia Phillies on August 27th, 2006 to complete deal for Jeff Conine and Cash)

Angel Chavez ranks third simply because he played a few minor league innings in the O's system. That's it. He beat out the #4 player Ray Brown because Ray never played an inning in the Orioles organization before being released prior to spring training.

2. Adam Stern (acquired from the Boston Red Sox on August 4, 2006 for Javy Lopez and Cash)

Congrats Adam, you made it to the big league club! Mr. Stern actually has the highest WAR for an Orioles PTBNL.....Zero. Stern played 2 innings as a late inning defensive replacement and didn't even have a ball hit at him. But hey, he made it to 'the show' at least.

1. Rhyne Hughes

Hey remember this guy? This was the only player whose name I even recognized. I actually considered switching Hughes and Stern but Rhyne actually contributed to the ball club, though not in a very good way. Rhyne got his shot in the Big Leagues in April of 2010 and made a great early impression by driving in RBIs in each of his first three games (a franchise record). He then proceeded to go 3 for his next 24, was demoted to Norfolk, and never made it back to Major League roster. His big league tenure resulted in -.1 WAR and a .213/.275/.255 slash line. Not exactly inspiring. Ryhne hung around in the O's organization for a bit until a 50 game suspension for PEDs and a lackluster 2012 season in Bowie. He is currently in the Mets' system. Keep chasin' that dream man.

So there you have it, the O's haven't gotten much out of PTBNL in the past decade and a half. For every David Ortiz or Michael Brantley that gets tacked on to a trade there are a thousand no-name players who will be lucky to ever make it beyond AA.

NOTE: I used for a lot of this information and double-checked with multiple online sources. It is completely possible that I missed someone. If I did just let me know. Thanks!

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