Its hard to be an Os fan in the offseason

I don't know about you but I've spent this past week wondering just exactly what the hell the Orioles front office is doing. First they trade Jim Johnson to Oakland... Awesome now we have $10mm free plus the $10mm that came off the books with B-Rob. So what do the Orioles do with the free $20mm? Do they go out and get 1 or 2 top FA that can make us contenders next year? Of course not... you see that would make too much sense for the Orioles. No they seem content to trade away one of the best closers in baseball and then sit on their hands and watch as all of the good players on the market get signed by other teams. While the Orioles were busy spending around $5 mm on two scrapheap players that were so good that they got non-tendered, our competition in the division was busy adding actual proven talent to their teams. We let the Red Sox sign the best closer on the market, Edward Mujica, to a 2yr/$9.5mm deal to be a setup man. But hey don't worry guys... We just signed Ryan Webb to a 2yr/$4.5mm contract. What is Dan Duquette doing? Is he high? He must be to trade our starting closer and not have a replacement lined up to take his place as soon as the trade ended. Im tired of hearing this BS about how the Orioles have no money... According to Forbes the Orioles organization is worth around $411mm dollars. But they refuse to spend more than $92mm in a season. Im also tired of hearing how we can't afford to lose a draft pick... because the Orioles have drafted soo well in the past. I'd much rather have Shin Soo Choo than a player who might be able to play in the majors in 2017. The Orioles need to be in win now mode. This is when good teams open up the wallet in FA. The Orioles have a great core group of players and we are a few players away from actually being a World Series contender. But it seems that we are in for yet another offseason of missed opportunities and aggravation. How long will it take the Os front office to realize that we aren't going to be able to win if we refuse to add any players that aren't being taken off the scrap-heap... Even Nate Mclouth was a scrap-heap player. Since making the playoffs in 2012 here are some the players that the Orioles have brought into the organization:

Steve Pierce

Connor Jackson

Danny Valencia

Chris Dickerson

Jair Jurrjens

Freddy Gonzalez

Jason Pridie

Cord Phelps

I would name more players but looking up these moves is just starting to make me angry. These are the kind of players that the Chicago Cubs overlook. At some point we need to evaluate the amount of money we are wasting on reclamation projects and think hey instead of spending $15mm on 10 players who are absolute sh!t and spent that money on 1 or 2 good players we might actually find ourselves in a position to win... What is the point of going to the bargain bin if you are going to spend just as much there as you would in the name brand section. I understand that we need depth, but if you think that we don't have anyone in our minor league system that is as good as some of the players we have brought in in FA then you ought to take another look at the organization.

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