Baltimore Orioles 2013 Spring Training Broadcast Schedule


If you're a die hard Spring Training fan, you'll want to add these to your calendar.

The first Spring Training game of the year is almost here! Let the Grapefruit League begin! Who will own it?

Seriously, though. Even though the games mean nothing and the regulars will be out after a few innings, I do enjoy watching and listening to ST baseball. It's a nice, stress free way to to ease back into what I've been missing since last October. This season the Orioles will have 35 Spring Training games (if you one game against Spain and one against the State College of Florida Manatees), and I've gone through the different sources and made one compilation of all broadcasted Orioles ST games. Here it is:

Date/Opponent -Time- -MASN-
-1090AM- - MLBN- -
- MLB Audio-
2/23 vs MIN 1:05 X X
2/24 @ TOR (SS) 1:05 X X
2/25 vs NYY 1:05 X
2/26 @ PIT 1:05 X
2/27 @ NYY (SS) 1:05 X
2/27 vs BOS (SS) 7:05 X X X X
2/28 @ MIN 1:05 X
3/2 @ TBR 1:05 X
3/3 vs PHI (SS) 1:05 X X
3/5 @ TOR 1:05 X
3/7 vs TOR 1:05 X X X
3/8 @ PIT 7:05 X X X
3/9 @ BOS 7:05 X X X
3/10 vs PIT (SS) 1:05 X X
3/11 @ PIT 1:05 X
3/13 @ MIN 7:05 X X
3/14 vs TBR 1:05 X X
3/16 @ TOR 1:05 X X
3/17 @ PHI (SS) 1:05 X X
3/17 vs MIN (SS) 1:05 X X X X
3/20 vs TOR 1:05 X
3/21 vs PIT 7:05 X X
3/22 @ TBR (SS) 1:05 X
3/23 vs PHI 1:05 X X X X
3/24 @ PIT 1:05 X X X
3/25 vs BOS 1:05 X
3/26 vs MIN 1:05 X
3/27 vs NYY 7:05 X X X X X
3/28 vs TBR 7:05 X X
3/30 vs Mets 12:05 X X

That breaks down to 6 games on MASN or MASN2, 2 on MLB Network (one of which won't be on MASN), 16 on local radio WBAL 1090, 12 on (5 of which will not be on MASN), 26 on MLB Audio (which includes the 16 that will be locally broadcast), and 1 on ESPN.

Thanks to the large number of games that will be on Audio, there are only six games that will not have any broadcast at all this season. They are:

  • 3/1 vs PIT (SS)
  • 3/6 vs Spain (the WBC team)
  • 3/15 vs BOS (SS)
  • 3/19 vs BOS
  • 3/29 vs State College of Florida Manatees

Additionally, if you're really hard up, the MLB Network will be airing the following games on a delay:

  • 2/25 vs Yankees - airing at 9 p.m.
  • 2/28 @ Yankees - airing at 2 a.m.
  • 3/14 vs Rays - airing at 11 p.m.
  • 3/18 vs Twins - airing 7 a.m.
  • 3/24 vs Phillies - airing at 6 a.m.
  • 3/24 @ Pirates - airing 8 p.m.

The rule for game threads during Spring Training is that if it's being broadcast, we'll put one up. If it is not being broadcast and you're following along with Game Day and just have to talk about it, head to that day's Bird Droppings.

Please keep in mind that these schedules can change, especially for online viewing/listening.

Games on MLB Network

Games on
Baltimore Orioles broadcast schedule
Broadcast schedules for all opposing teams on

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