Camden Chat's 2013 Pre-Season Contest

If you win, you'll be as cool as Matt Wieters. If you lose, you'll be the bat boy with the cup taped to his head. - Rob Carr

Will you be the winner?

It's the time again! The highly anticipated pre-season contest has finally arrived! I know that you're all super excited.

This year's contest features 25 questions broken into four sections, thought up by yours truly and which you will hopefully find interesting.

So try your hand and maybe you'll be a winner! Past winners include Xari0tis and BiffFoil (who is currently known as Paul Folk) and the fix is in. Will you join these historic ranks?

You must have a Camden Chat user name to participate in the contest. If you don't have one, get one! And for the text answers, please follow the instructions. It's much tougher to organize the 100 plus entries that will most likely come in if they aren't uniform.

So, jump on in! Give it your best shot and when the 2013 season is over I'll tally the results and declare a winner. The winner will be awarded a prize from Stacey's Super Cool Prize Stash, to be determined later in the year. But don't lie, you're in it for the glory.

The contest starts now and runs through Friday, March 22nd.

NOTE1: It appears the Google form isn't friendly with mobile devices. Some don't show it at all and for others it's cut off. My recommendation is that you save this for your regular computer.

NOTE2: Gamecock asked if performance is for the entire year or only a player's time with the Orioles (in the event he gets traded). I've made the executive decision that it's for the entire year. So if Jim Johnson racks up 29 saves, is traded to the Brewers, and gets 20 more, that'd be over for his question.

NOTE3: The pre-season contest is now closed and I have removed the entry form from this post. Stay tuned for random updates throughout the season and the announcement of a winner at the end.

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