Wednesday Bird Droppings

Jonesy greets Jake after his first MLB Win, back in 2010 - Greg Fiume

The place to be for those enjoying a late season snow day

Another Yankee suffers a potentially serious injury. The Tigers have reportedly begun sniffing around for an established Closer. And the Cardinals are concerned about their Shortstop situation. Will the HBGM strike, and burnish the Orioles organization for 2013 and / or beyond? Doubtful. But one can dream. What else is there to do? It's the first week of March, there's a snowstorm blasting the Delmarva region, and while real baseball is tantalizingly close, it remains oh so far away.

Sorting through the Orioles' rotation options -

It'll be good. Or it'll be bad. Or it'll be somewhere in between. Or it'll include Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman before season's end. Or maybe Rick Porcello or Kyle Lohse. Who knows with Buck and the Honey Badger in charge.

Orioles employing advanced testing on pitchers | CSN Baltimore

Peterson gonna Peterson.

Orioles' Rick Peterson has an interesting way of teaching pitchers to pound the bottom of the strike zone. -

The Rick Peterson pitching development media blitz continues.

Pitchers Matt Hobgood and Mychal Givens hope Orioles' minor league is path to new future -

ugh...that '09 Draft class....Save us, Ty Kelly and Brendan Webb!

School of Roch: Can Jackson and Pearce co-exist on 25-man roster?

Can you smmmmmmmmmmmmelllll, what the cookin?

PressBox: Which Non-Roster Invitees Have Best Chance With Orioles?

The one(s) that show Duq and Buck they deserve a shot.

Booms and busts: third base | Hit and Run -

Fantasy baseball centered discussion of some 3Bmen, including Macho Manny, natch.

Baseball Prospectus | Wezen-Ball: When Cuba Stomped the Orioles

Free article from Baseball Prospectus that looks at the 1999 home-and-home series the O's played vs. the Cuban national team.

It's Jake Arrieta's 27th birthday today! On a more somber note, 8 years ago today Hall of Fame honored Broadcaster Chuck Thompson passed away at the age of 84.

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