Wednesday Bird Droppings

Rob Carr

It's a Bird. It's a Dropping. It's Bird Droppings!

Ho hum...another game where the starter fails to make it thru 7 innings, another game in the Win column. Not seeing what all the fuss is about in re having a starter go 7. Seems to be working just fine as is!

For the 2nd series in a row, the Birds have taken the first two games of the series. They will look for the Sweep that eluded them vs. those dastardly Dodgers (Thanks, -Obama- Jake!). Gametime is 12:35. Woooo, Businessman's Special Get Away Games! Wish I could partake on what looks to be a glorious day, upper 70's and sunshiny.

Kevin Gregg earned a Save last night for the Cubbies. Further proof that the Save stat is stupid.

Toronto Blue Jays at Baltimore Orioles - April 24, 2013 | Preview

Gameday notes du jour.

School of Roch: Bundy getting second opinion from Dr. Andrews (updated)

Go ahead and freak out if you must. I'll just shrug my shoulders. I ain't worried.

School of Roch: In non-Bundy news ...

Wada notes. Stinson notes. Oakland series matchup notes.

Camden Depot: Worrying About Pedro Strop

I think he just needs to tilt his hat a few more degrees.

Jake Arrieta should be great, but instead he's back in Triple-A -
He'll be back. My belief in his talent and potential is unwavering.

PressBox: Orioles Partly To Blame For Jake Arrieta's Struggles

It's a valid question to ask: Are the O's too aggressive with promoting pitching prospects? Should they seek to emulate the 'Slow and Low' model of Tampa Bay where a pitcher spends a full year, regardless of results, at each level of the minors? Maybe Kevin Gausman shouldn't pitch in the bigs this season?

Per the Elias Sports Bureau: Manny Machado is now 7 for 12 with 10 RBI with two outs and runners on base this season. Last season Machado was only 8 for 34 with four RBI with two out and men on base.

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