Take Six With Orioles Prospect L.J. Hoes

J. Meric

Camden Chat correspondent Ted Warren had the chance to catch up with Orioles prospect L. J. Hoes before opening day. The Washington D.C. native was a September call up last year competing in two contests with the big club

C.C.: How did you get your start playing baseball?
L. J.: My Uncle, my Grandpa, and my Dad played. I was in the back yard playing with them. I used to run around in the outfield shagging balls. I pretty much learned baseball through them.

C.C.: Did you always play outfield?
L. J.: I played infield growing up. When I got to high school, they moved me to the outfield. I got drafted and they moved me back to the infield, then in 2011 they moved me back to the outfield.

C.C.: You’re from Washington, D.C. Is playing in the Baltimore organization sort of a homecoming?
L. J.: Yea, definitely. There were no Nationals when I was growing up, but there were the Orioles. I used to go to games and watch Eddie Murray, Mike Devereaux, Harold Baines, and Albert Belle. I was always an Orioles fan growing up so just to have the opportunity to play for them has been tremendous.

C.C.: What was going through your head the day of your MLB debut?
L. J.: I was just so excited. It was something I dreamed of. I always wanted to play for the Orioles and just to play in front of my family and just to have the opportunity to get called up. I couldn’t ask for more.

C.C. Could you walk me through a typical game day?
L. J.: I get here around one-thirty. I do some treatment, get in the whirlpool to get my body loose, then go hit in the cage for a little bit. Then after batting practice, I go back in and have a little snack followed by preparing for the game.

C.C.: You’re a speedy guy. Do your pride yourself on stealing bases?
L. J.: I do. Just to create havoc on the field and try to create holes and have a lot of guys hit me in. That’s the game, trying to score runs to beat the other team. Anyway to use my legs and try to score runs is what I do.

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