Replica statues- The Orioles and other MLB teams

Greetings everyone,

Last month, a co-worker was moving to Denver and decided it was as good of time as any to unload some things in advance of the move. One of the things he unloaded to me was an extra Frank Robinson statue. I thanked him generously, but I also knew it only meant one thing- I had to get all six of them now, and have since collected a full set for my neighbor as well. The six statues the Orioles handed out last year isn't something the O's have come up with by themselves, other teams have done it too, more on that in a bit. But first, a guide to getting these statues and approximate prices, including shipping:



Frank Robinson was the first statue handed out, on April 28 against the A's. The market for this one is unusual, since a lot of people were leaving them behind not knowing the quality of future demand of these statues, however some people did and horded the ones that were left behind. Therefore, there is a somewhat high demand and supply of Frank Robinson statues.

Price: You should be able to get one for no more then $30, perhaps as low as $20.



Next up was Earl Weaver, on June 30, against Cleveland. This may be the most difficult find at the moment, given his recent death driving up demand against a fairly tight supply.

Price: You'd do well getting this for $30, more realistic would be mid-$30s.



Jim Palmer was next, given away July 14 against the Tigers. By now, people were starting to catch on that these statues were worthwhile, but the market for these isn't as tight as Weaver or Ripken. This one has the tallest box of the six, and is the biggest statue of the six (although Murray's is taller). Did you know he never gave up a grand slam?

Price: Similar to that of Frank, $20-30.



The severely underrated Eddie Murray was given away on August 11, against the Royals. This game had a rain delay, so some of the boxes were damaged. Eddie's is the tallest of the six, with the end of his bat about 10" tall. There seems to be a slightly higher market for him, although lower then Cal or Earl.

Price: A bit higher then Palmer, mid-$20s-low$30s.



We all know the story behind the game where Cal Ripken was given away- a classic 10-6 win on September 8 against the Yankees in the heat of a divisional race. These statues are in demand not only from Oriole fans, but baseball fans in general as well. However, sellers are aware of this too so there is a fairly high supply of these statues. But some of the sellers are drastically overestimating the demand, resulting in some list prices two, even three times market price. This statue is the widest of the six, spanning 9.5" from the tip of his glove to the edge of the base.

Price: The most expensive of the six, $35-$45.



The last statue given away was Brooks Robinson, on September 29 against the Red Sox. This game was sold out, or close to it, resulting in an ample supply. This one and Weaver are about the same size, and are the smallest of the set.

Price: The same as Palmer/Frank, $20-30.

So, there you go. If you've got ~$175-200 to burn on Orioles stuff, these are a good investment as they display wonderfully. Outside of the one given to me, and an extra Palmer I traded to get Ripken, I got these on eBay. There are several listings for these statues at any given time, and is the best source to find these at the prices I've listed above. Also, some trade shows are selling these, and I have found some listings on Craig's list, although at a ~$5/statue premium.

Next, I turned my attention to the rest of the league to see who else has done this. The answer is some have and some haven't. Here's a list of teams with the players that I was able to find:

Twins- They did two a year from 2005-2009, for a total of ten. Players are Kaat, Killabrew, Molitor, Morris, Blyleven, Oliva, Carew, Puckett, Hrbek and Mauer.

Royals- In 2009, they have Brett, Howser, and Frank White.

Yankees- They did 3 a year from 2004-2006, including Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Maris, Munson, Berra, Ford and Rizzuto. They also did Reggie Jackson in '04, separate from that series.

Giants- Willie Mays in 2011, McCovey in 2012.

Rangers- Nolan Ryan, 2009.

White Sox- Frank Thomas 2011, Carlton Fisk 2012, and Billy Pierce this year.

Pirates- A series of Clemente, Wagner and Stargell in 2005, and Josh Gibson in 2007.

Braves- McCann, Smoltz and Aaron in 2007.

Indians- Bob Feller, 2011

Reds- They are doing a series of six this year just like the Orioles did last year. Players include Nuxhall, Lombardi, Kluszewski, Frank Robinson, Bench and Morgan. They also did Sparky in 2011.

Cubs- Honored Carlos Zambrano's no-hitter in 2009.

Cardinals- have done Brock, Musial, Bob Gibson, and Schoendienst over the last handful of seasons. They are giving a second set of Musial away this July.

Angels- Colon and Vlad, 2007.

That is the list of SGA statues I've seen across the majors, not to be confused with figurines. If I include painted statues (figurines, at least in my book), then this list includes most other teams and would obviously include more players.

Obviously, this list can be edited, so if you know of any that have been missed, please let me know.

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