Jason Alexander Frustrated With Orioles Success



After almost 15 years of failed campaigns, the times are better in Baltimore for the Orioles. Most everyone, fans, pundits, and locals, are thrilled to see the team's recent proclivity for winning.

But there are some who aren't so happy.

"It's not that I don't like the team or the players," said Jason Alexander, actor. "Sometimes, a person just needs a little of the credit."

The longtime Hollywood actor has appeared in award-winning Broadway plays, movies, and multiple television shows, and even directed. Yet when it comes to sports, the thespian is not known for his acumen.

"I'm not even saying I'm a sports genius," said Alexander. "I never made it out of tee ball even, but I know the rules of baseball, and I know when I'm on to something."

So where do the Baltimore Orioles come in?

One dismal season after another seemed to be the trend for Charm City, until owner Peter Angelos wrangled in Buck Showalter to right the ship. Now in his third season with the team, the club is off to a solid start after a winning 2012 season, the first since 1997.

So, what's the big deal, Jason?

"The year was 1994. Ask Buck, or as I called him, Willy No-Talent Nate," said Alexander.

During a strike-shortened season, Showalter appeared with Alexander in an episode of NBC's hit television show, Seinfeld.

"He was the worst actor I have ever seen," said a bitter Alexander. "And he stole my idea."

During this episode, Alexander's character George Costanza pitches the idea of changing from polyester to cotton uniforms to then-Yankees manager Showalter. The script has Costanza citing that players would prefer cotton, as it is a natural fiber that breathes much better.

Alexander believes this is what Buck's Birds are using for their upper hand against the American League East. And he wants credit.

"How else can you explain it?" said a visibly upset Alexander. "And don't give me any of that 'Orioles Magic' crap, I know a superior fabric when I see one."

Numerous reports show that Baltimore's uniforms meet league-sanctioned standards, but Alexander is convinced.

"Just look at them on the field, look how comfortable they all look. You can visibly tell a difference between one team and another team that is five degrees cooler."

Perhaps time will only tell what has Showalter's crew playing so inspired. One thing is for sure: Alexander won't let it go.

"I just think an apology, an admittance of what they did, and a forfeiture of the 2012 season is appropriate."

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