Saturday Bird Droppings

Greg Fiume

Happy Jair Jurrjens day!

Last night's game was a crazy one but sadly resulted in the O's third straight loss. They need to get the win today, and they're relying on Jair Jurrjens to get the job done. That's...frightening. Today's game is at 4 p.m. on FOX. You can check here to see if the game is playing where you life.

Battle of the Uniforms: Championship - SportsNation - ESPN
The Orioles have a narrow lead over the Cardinals in the finals. You can vote through Monday, so go support your team!

Eutaw Street Report | O’s ANNOUNCER GRADES: Most strong, but Manfra slips
This post include's Aaron Royer's awesome Gary and Jim GIF. It's also a pretty accurate assessment, other than Fred Manfra. I think he gets the grade right, but if a person is going to say Manfra has no enthusiasm, it's obvious that person has never heard Manfra's patented home run call that end up as a pop out to the shortstop.

Showalter happy about Wada's health | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
It's a sad state of affairs in the O's rotation when I can't wait to see what Tsuyoshi Wada can do.

Fauber: Time to give Machado some credit - Sports
No offense to Brad Fauber of the Northern Virginia Daily, but if he thinks nobody is talking about Manny Machado, he's not paying attention.

Steve Melewski: Hammel: "I've been here before. I've figured it out before"
Jason Hammel and Matt Wieters on Hammel's terrible performance last night. Jason needs to get it together!

Houston Astros collide, allow winning run to score (GIF) | Larry Brown Sports
This isn't Orioles related, but I wanted to share another "Oh, Astros" moment. I don't know whether to laugh at the Astros or feel sad for them.

Today is the birthday of former Orioles Luis Terrero, Reggie Jackson, and Gil Coan. And it's also the birthday of another former Oriole and Hall of Famer and one of the finest humans to ever walk to the earth, Mr. Brooks Robinson. Oh, and my sister! Happy birthday, Kathy!

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