Camdencast Episode 49: The Battle for Second Place

Jonathan Ernst

Mark and Stacey round up the last week of the Orioles, and Tanya Bondurant from Pinstriped Bible joins to preview the weekend series.

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It's been a strange week for the Orioles, but through it all they have come out one game ahead of where they were in 2012. Mark and Stacey kick off the latest Camdencast with reaction to the surprising announcement that T.J. McFarland will start Friday's game to open up the series against the Yankees.

Once Wei-Yin Chen comes off the disabled list, will the starting rotation actually be something resembling solid? Can the Orioles reinforce this year's team in the same way that Manny Machado and Nate McLouth bolstered last year's team? Maybe if Brian Roberts comes back healthy and Nolan Reimold comes back productive, but who knows about that.

Plus, thoughts on giveaways, Orioles in the All-Star Game, and why the National League is stupid.

At about the 30:00 mark, Stacey departs and Mark is again joined by Tanya Bondurant, recently promoted to be the manager of Pinstriped Bible - a well-deserved promotion, I happen to know - to hear about the Yankees story so far this season. There are lots of injuries, some problems in the rotation, a solid bullpen, and a really, really bad offense.

Is CC Sabathia's velocity slowly returning? Who does Tanya want to fire out of a cannon? Which will triumph between David Phelps' tendency to walk batters and the Orioles' hitters tendency to not walk? We told ourselves we wouldn't talk about A-Rod, but he gets mentioned after all. We couldn't help it. All of this and more in the latest Camdencast. Check it out!

This episode is one hour in length.

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