Saturday Bird Droppings

Matt Wieters doesn't hit many home runs, so when he does I gotta use the picture. - The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Please please please don't get swept by the Yankees. Please.

I never like it when the Orioles lose. It's especially awful when they lose to the Yankees. But for me personally, it's the worst when it happens on Friday night because then I have to spend Saturday morning reliving it through all of the headlines I sift through to find links for Bird Droppings.

I don't know what to say about Jim Johnson. When he went on that streak of blowing saves that kicked off this sad period for him, I was positive. It happens. But I don't know how much longer I can say that. I know that there are a number of good arguments against the closer in general, but now more than ever I understand that that a big reason to need a solid guy in the 9th is morale. If the Orioles had given up those two runs in the seventh rather than the ninth they still would have lost, and the lost would have counted for the same in the standings as last night's did, but it wouldn't have felt so terrible.

(Of course, if the offense could score more than two runs off of Ivan Nova, this would all be a moot point.)

Anyway, today is a new day and so we press on. Maybe the bats will heat up against Andy Pettitte this afternoon.

Fan belief in Orioles deepens as club reaches another midseason in contention -
Articles like this make me nervous for the fall. I know that's pessimistic but I'm not all that cheery this morning.

School of Roch: Jim Johnson and Matt Wieters discuss blown save and loss
Nothing earth shattering here. JJ is sure he'll fix whatever is wrong with him.

Baltimore Orioles Minor League Spotlight: LHP Josh Hader | Orioles 101
Learn a little bit about Josh Hader, my favorite minor leaguer on account of our shared alma mater.

Orioles’ Chris Davis And Manny Machado Primed For Big Second Half | MLB reports
Way to go out on a limb.

One All-Star problem: AL's best shortstop doesn't play short -
"Ask anyone who has tried to fill out an American League All-Star team. It's tough to find two worthy shortstops. One problem: The AL's two best shortstops both play for the Orioles."

Chris Davis still recognizes Roger Maris as the single-season home run record holder | Yahoo! Sports
Chris Davis says no to cheating.

Showalter not ready to commit to having six starters -
I should hope not.

On this day in 1966, Boog Powell knocked in eleven runs in a double header against the Kansas City A's. Seven of those came in the first game when he hit a grand slam and two doubles.

Happy 21st birthday to Manny Machado! It's also the birthday of old timey Orioles Barry Shetrone and Frank Kellert.

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