Designated Hitter: The Bane of the Orioles Existence

At this rate it would more than likely be better if the Baltimore Orioles were in the National League. Henry Urrutia was sent down to AAA more than a week ago, but you may question that decision. The twenty six year old Cuban outfielder was batting .269 with 2 RBI and a triple in limited playing time due to a road stretch on the west coast. He performed far better in the DH role and while pinch hitting in his time with the big league squad than the combined statistics of everyone whom logged plate appearance at DH for the O's this entire season. This is an obvious hole for this hopefully playoff bound team as the addition of the DH role is supposed to assist offensively. Pitchers for the orioles have batted a combined .080, or 2-25, although that's quite far off from the average of .224, the pitchers aren't striking out as much, with a combined strikeout percentage of 27.1%. The Orioles DH position is among the best in the league at whiffing. There is a huge need for improvement, but, exactly how do we conquer that?

Jose Dariel Abreu

The slugging first baseman has recently defected from Cuba and is reportedly searching for a major league contract, he has garnered much interest from the AL East, namely the Red Sox and the Orioles. Now, it would only make sense for the Red Sox to nab him, right handed power hitter, shallow right field wall. But, the O's wouldn't want that, would they? Jose Abreu is looking for Yasiel Puig money, maybe even more, definitely within the 50-60 million dollar range, of course the Red Sox can afford that, but, so can the Orioles. Peter Angelos should definitely look into signing him along with Dan Duqette even if it would cost some money, the first baseman could DH for the O's and occasionally play first base if Chris Davis needed to have an off day. A lineup with Chris Davis, Jose Abreu, Adam Jones, and Manny Machado among others would make the Orioles a team to be reckoned with, if they aren't already. The DH spot may have to remain the way it is for the rest of the season, possibly even destroying their chances of a playoff berth, but if the O's can nab this slugger for 45-55 million dollars over 4-5 years, I can imagine Orange October if we play the way we can, and should.

1. Nate McClouth (LF)

2. Manny Machado (3B)

3. Chris Davis (1B)

4. Adam Jones (CF)

5. Jose Abreu (DH)

6. Nick Markakis (RF)

7. JJ Hardy (SS)

8. Matt Wieters (C)

9. Brian Roberts/Jonathon Schoop (2B) (depending on whether or not b-rob stays in Baltimore, and if Schoop progresses well, and has a good spring training)

In a lineup where you might slot JJ Hardy in the seven spot, you know you've got a solid squad ready to play some good baseball. That lineup, with a healthy Wei-Yin Chen, and solid performances from Miguel Gonzalez, Bud Norris, Chris Tillman and Scott Feldman, has playoff bound written all over it.

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