Orioles GIFs of the Week

Patrick Smith

Ok, children, what's better? GIFs or no GIFs? GIFs! GIFs about the Orioles!

Place your mouse over the GIFs to activate. Vote for your favorite below.



Tommy Hunter is excited about the game-ending Wieters throw that caught a Tampa Bay Ray stealing. That's a save for Tommy!

Here is one with a caption if you like your GIFs with words.



Players are generally more fun after a win. After a loss, there are a bunch of despondent stares and wordless shuffling back to the clubhouse. After a win guys do things like yell celebratory interjections and affirmations, slap each other playfully, point at each other (optionally mimicking a handgun), and even more!

This happened moments after the "ATTABOY," and we can see that Tommy is still stoked about the whole thing. I'm guessing Matt is pointing at J.J. Hardy, who made a good tag at the other end of the game-ending play. The gesture struck me as having more overt swagger than we usually see from Wieters.



Possible explanations for what you're seeing here:

- Nate used to play in the Scottish league, where they have 85ft. base paths (and a ball that weighs 8 pounds or something)

- You know, there was cute girl in the stands along the 1st base line

- Nate wanted to some momentum in case he wanted to roll his way to third

- He did it for the lols



Next time the Orioles do something good, maybe you'd like to celebrate this way.



You've seen the Manny Plays. You know the ones. I could post another, but maybe you could just imagine it instead. Are you imagining a Manny Play right now? I am.

O'Day's reaction to a Manny Play is so Darren O'Day. There is such an easy, laid back manner about him. I wouldn't be surprised if he pulled a beer bottle out of his back pocket, held it in the air, and nodded in Manny's direction.

That's it for this week. Don't forget to vote below. Follow @OriolesGIFs for all of the GIF action all week long. Retweet some stuff. Send me your requests by tweeting at that handle. Thanks for watching!

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