Thursday Bird Droppings

Nick be struttin' - Denis Poroy

The place to be on a mucky Thursday off-day.

It seems the Birds took Ron Burgundy's advice and staid classy while in San Diego. Mixing sound pitching from starter and bullpener alike along with a virile effort on offense is quite the potent brew. Let's hope this second off day this week does not strap them of any of the mojo they are rockin' right now. Nice to gain some ground on the suddenly cooled off Rays, A's, and Indians. Boston continues to roll along though, and Texas has caught fire, winning 9 of their last 10. It's always something...But no worries. The O's just need to take care of their own business first and let the cards fall as they may. And that now begins with beating a last place team in possibly the weakest overall division in MLB, the NL West (though the NL East is making a case for that distinction. Anyone seen how far the Nats are now back of the Braves? haha!)

Baltimore Orioles vs. San Diego Padres - Recap - August 07, 2013 - ESPN
The lovely totals.

O's enjoy watching O'Day's first career at-bat | News
Not a bad hack.

Hammel not likely to come off DL next week | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore

A miserable season plods along further for Hammel.

Camden Depot: Why Is Brian Roberts Playing Every Day?

Two more months of this and then BriBob can ride off into the sunset and spend quality time with Mrs. BriBob and baby BriBob.

David Ortiz is appealing his $5,000 fine for smashing that dugout phone at Camden Yards | HardballTalk

Ridiculousness. Sack up, Big Whiny.

On this date in 1896, John McGraw returns to action for the Orioles after a bout of Typhoid Fever (he rubbed some dirt on it and got back out there!) and helps defeat Washington 21-16. This game featured a record 37 combined singles, though that record is suspect due to shoddy boxscore records. 25 years ago Wrigley Field hosted it's first ever night game, though the contest was rained out after the 3rd inning.

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