Game 150: Orioles (79-70) @ Red Sox (92-59), 7:10

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Will the Orioles' playoff hopes die in Boston? To keep them alive they need to win on Tuesday night. Scott Feldman starts for the O's against Ryan Dempster of the Red Sox.

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Time is running out for the Orioles, and the next roadblock in between them and the playoffs comes in the form of the Satan-fueled Boston Red Sox. How else to explain the likes of Daniel Nava, Mike Carp, Shane Victorino, and David Ortiz? Three games are to come in Fenway, with the first one being tonight.

Against this dark force stands Scott Feldman, who I guess you could sort of say is like this year's Joe Saunders. Maybe he'll even pitch in the wild card game, if the Orioles happen to make it far, which is admittedly not looking super likely, especially if they don't win tonight. do yourself a favor and don't look at Feldman's numbers against the Red Sox lineup. Really, don't do it. You'll be happier.

The O's themselves will be taking on Ryan Dempster, who hasn't been very good this year, but when has that ever indicated the Orioles would perform well in a game? It's not a lot of good action for the O's against Dempster in their careers, either. J.J. Hardy has seen him 37 times and has a .292 OPS. Yikes.

Boston has scored more runs than anyone else in baseball. They've scored 95 runs more than the Orioles while allowing 41 fewer runs. This is dark magic in action, except for the parts involving Koji Uehara's excellence out of their bullpen, because he's just awesome. The other members of that team are basically Satan or at least powered by Satan.

Nate McLouth (L) - LF Dustin Pedroia (R) - 2B
Manny Machado (R) - 3B Shane Victorino (S) - CF
Chris Davis (L) - 1B David Ortiz (L) - DH
Adam Jones (R) - CF Mike Napoli (R) - 1B
Nick Markakis (L) - RF Daniel Nava (S) - RF
Danny Valencia (R) - DH Mike Carp (L) - LF
Matt Wieters (S) - C Jarrod Saltalamacchia (S) - C
J.J. Hardy (R) - SS Stephen Drew (L) - SS
Brian Roberts (S) - 2B Xander Bogaerts (R) - 3B

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