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Orioles injury news: Manny Machado to have surgery on knee; 4-6 month rehab

Manny Machado had to be removed from the field on a stretcher, suffering an apparent knee injury while running out an infield single.

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Machado's knee surgery "as expected"; out 6 months

Manny Machado's knee surgery went "as expected" and the Orioles announced Monday he will be out for six months.


Machado elects to have surgery: 4-6 months rehab

Manny Machado is going to have surgery to repair his torn medial patellofemoral ligament after all, with an expected 4-6 month rehab.


Machado diagnosis: torn kneecap, 6-8 week recovery

When Manny Machado crumpled to the field and clutched at his knee during Monday afternoon, Orioles fans had to assume the worst. In a Tuesday news conference at Camden Yards, there was plenty of optimism for what at first looked like an injury that would take Machado out for most of a season.

The diagnosis is a torn medial patellofemoral ligament and has an expected 6-8 weeks of recovery, which would have Machado ready in time for spring training next season. That is near the kneecap, but is not the kneecap, which would be the patella.

According to the Orioles, there is no damage to either the MCL or the ACL, which was the initial concern for everyone. Machado will still seek a second opinion just to confirm the diagnosis and re-evaluate in four weeks. Everyone involved with the Orioles seems to be treating it as good news. Compared to a torn ACL, a 6-8 week recovery that will only cause him to miss the final regular season games of 2013 is fantastic news.

90 percent on not needing surgery sounds pretty good, don't you think?


VIDEO: Machado's knee injury and aftermath

What happened to Manny Machado's knee? has uploaded eight minutes of video from the MASN broadcast of Monday's game to show the injury and what happened afterwards. It is not a video for the squeamish.

Stay tuned to Camden Chat for updates on Machado's injury as they become available.

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