O's Weekly Wrap: September 17th - 23rd

Al Messerschmidt

A five-game losing streak is not what you want at this point in the season, yet that's where the O's are.


The O's are at 81-75, looking for that elusive 82nd win as they sit five games back from a wild card spot with six left to play. The O's are still mathematically in the race, but that's small comfort. The percentages are certainly not in the team's favor. Tampa Bay and Cleveland and Texas and Kansas City and New York will all have to stumble, and the O's will have to keep (I mean, start) winning.


The O's went 2-5 this week; two wins against Boston followed by a loss and then a four-game sweep at the hands of Tampa Bay.

Run Differential


Best Hitter / Worst Hitter

The offense just got up and walked out of the room. Matt Wieters was this week's best hitter, and he hit only .269/.286/.462 (85 wRC+). J.J. Hardy's .194/.219/.226 (15 wRC+) was the worst this week.

Best Pitcher / Worst Pitcher

Compounding our frustration about the team's offense is the fact that the starting pitching wasn't at all terrible this week. Chris Tillman pitched 7 innings, and although he gave up three runs, he struck out eight and walked just two. Meanwhile Miguel Gonzalez threw 6 innings, struck out just two, but walked five. Yikes. He was lucky to give up just three runs.

Davis at the Dish Update

Davis clocked two homers, #51 and #52. He also struck out 13 times, leaving him at 195, one K short of tying for the O's single-season record.

Manny's Doubles Update

Manny doubled once and is currently at 51 doubles. It looks like his season is over, though.

Adam Jones "The Power and the Patience" Update

Jones hit a homer and unintentionally walked twice this week. He matched his 2012 total of 32 home runs, but with 19 unintentional walks, there's no way he will reach the 34 he got last year.

Upcoming Week

Three games against Toronto and then three games against Boston will close out the 2013 regular season for the Orioles.

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