Weekly community stats: Recs and comments

Because it's always a good time for a picture of the ballpark. - Greg Fiume

How do you stack up in the commenting and recs department?

New community feature! There has been in the past a lot of talk about recs, how to get them, who gets the most, etc. Thanks to a tool offered by SB Nation, there is a relatively easy way to figure out a few things. And so I present to you the following for the period of Sunday, January 12th through yesterday, January 18th: Total # of comments by each Camden Chatter, Most rec'd comments, Most recs total by each Camden Chatter, and the very exciting recs per comment ratio. If this is something you all enjoy, I'll keep it up weekly.

First up, total number of comments. For the week we had 109 different commenters, with Jakubazookas leading the way with 257 comments, which is 36.7 comments per day. We had 16 people hit triple digits and 28 who left just a single comment. Here is the full list:

Commenter # of comments
Jakubazookas 257
O'sFan21 223
the madman of birdland 201
punkrawka 189
j.q. higgins 160
kba26 151
daveh873 144
duck 140
Eat More Esskay 132
sluggo 2.0 119
Wieters Wieners 113
fat_daddyo 111
Joe Davola 105
PhilR8 102
Astronaut Mike Dexter 101
PBR me ASAP! 100
Strat12 99
Broktun 85
Tunaflipper 76
PatrioticMerkin 70
birdman 67
WestcoastO'sFan 66
Andrew_Lew 65
CStoneNo37 65
JeCaThRe 55
Stacey 54
tflach2 53
zknower 53
DaveAA 48
Jokes & Burns 42
NSOsFan 42
brek 41
risuena 40
Sierra Matt 25
PonsonPwn 24
Andrew_G 23
Zeke McGeek 23
keyshonn 18
Philly O's 18
Fahrenheit 451 16
pabirdfan 16
Quisenberry4Ever 16
perpetualstudent 15
freight69 14
PaulFolk 13
seatraveller 13
dfa 11
Michimore Wizskins 11
Vuff 11
thewaywardO 10
Birdland in NC 9
hnmnf 8
tjk 8
OsNBohs 7
Osinnyc 6
Commanche 5
Dr. J 5
fishoutawata 5
Jakattak88 5
OEutaw 5
jim66 4
Knubles and Bits 4
Bridgemaniac 3
Chanumas 3
MrBumstead 3
O'Kay 3
Xari0tis 3
Auricursine 2
BaltoBen 2
beastiecube 2
CM8 2
Emperor Lrrr 2
essenpee 2
Gamecock24 2
InfrasonicTom 2
Mark E. 2
nattybroh 2
neveraging 2
sellers.dean 2
Special Ed1 2
Y Not 2
AndrewTorrez 1
bakely 1
Baltimore Bench 1
BirdFanLA 1
chooch.wilbury 1
D.Szymborski 1
Dan Duquette is my DD 1
danistheguy 1
Esizzle08 1
gio2chat 1
GiveEmTheBird 1
Gromm 1
j o incandenza 1
KilgoreTroutman 1
Maffro 1
marksted558 1
MarylandPride410 1
NewYorkOriole 1
O'sFan_ 1
OrioleGuru 1
OsandBucs 1
RED SOX are #1 in my heart 1
Ryan Romano 1
SibiGnana 1
wolfie7 1
Xiansheng 1
Zooker4444 1

Next up we have the most rec'd comments. If I listed every comment that got a rec, this table would be a mile long. So I limited it to three recs or more, which totaled 74 comments. The most rec'd comment of the week was tflach2's epic rant on the Rays' doctor who went on record backing up Grant Balfour. We had five individual posts with 10 recs or more. Here is the list of all comments with three or more recs (with link to comment in case you want to re-live the good times):

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
15 tflach2 He didn't comment on Balfour's shoulder,
12 O'sFan21 losing to the Yankees in the playoffs because of a blown call is a GREAT story
12 PBR me ASAP! Well, Chris...
10 tflach2 Nope.
10 zknower Just don't agree with the Folkemer article
9 risuena I encountered this image yesterday
8 NSOsFan ...
7 PonsonPwn HBGM & Buck on release of the Balfour info
7 Joe Davola "Deal is deal. Major leaguer is qualified."
7 Eat More Esskay The tenth time I've seen this comment makes it so much more illuminating
6 Strat12 I am immature.
6 PaulFolk [no title]
6 j.q. higgins the silence from previous critics has been deafening.
6 Stacey I went door to door in Severna Park
6 gio2chat Orioles have signed 'EatMore-Esskay' to a minor league deal!... ...deal is deal!
6 O'sFan21 learn to consistently use the reply button?
6 Wieters Wieners You're talking about a sport where everyone stands up and sings after the 7th inning...
5 Eat More Esskay You get a commercial between every inning
5 Stacey Thanks to WW
5 NSOsFan Why are you reccing that? She's not Andrew Friedman's balls.
5 kba26 Sounds like this guy has been burned before by someone walking away from a deal because of a possibly minor issue
5 CStoneNo37 because the gunshots that result are really loud and you can't hear the movie
5 duck YOU. LOVE. THE. RAYS.
5 duck YOU. LOVE. THE. RAYS.
5 Wieters Wieners lol
5 perpetualstudent I suspect you could suspend baseball in Florida for some months before anyone noticed.
5 Tunaflipper [no title]
5 daveh873 [no title]
4 Eat More Esskay It doesn't really matter if he's been contradicted or not
4 O'sFan21 of course you're not
4 O'sFan21 so embarrassing man
4 Astronaut Mike Dexter ...
4 kba26 Good thing Roch posted a photo
4 Eat More Esskay So how many games should MLB get suspended for obstructing a Florida state investigation?
4 sluggo 2.0 Not unless someone starts going on about some dog poop flavoured winter ale they've just discovered
4 PatrioticMerkin too bad this experience was wasted on such a bad O's fan with a weak cell phone battery
4 zknower NO restrictions?
4 Jakubazookas Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 = A Ron Donald Don't
4 tflach2 That's tough.
4 the madman of birdland Jones will be 30 that year, turns 31 in august
4 Wieters Wieners I keep saying it, but these "overpriced deals" are the new normal... we're going to have to pay them now or later.
4 Wieters Wieners I mean, obviously we've seen good front offices can overcome the payroll gaps...
4 kba26 its genuinely not.
4 Stacey ask your boyfriend
4 PBR me ASAP! and he was just seen hanging out with ARod...
4 punkrawka how on earth is it out of context?
4 O'sFan21 was this in that whole sitcom discussion above?
4 the madman of birdland oh, I know what I can do today
4 zknower Ugh
3 j.q. higgins ...followed by 8 straight losses
3 PaulFolk [no title]
3 Andrew_G this is whats strange to me
3 Stacey It also makes for worse baseball
3 PaulFolk Oh, is that all?
3 Strat12 That would at least make some sense.
3 Zeke McGeek [no title]
3 kba26 Isn't the answer obvious?
3 Jakubazookas Was it full of doubloons?
3 the madman of birdland he was debating pj o'rourke at my school
3 PaulFolk I'll allow it.
3 daveh873 SFW
3 daveh873 I'm wondering about the thought process behind this post
3 PonsonPwn This one is great. It's alll in the details.
3 Astronaut Mike Dexter I only know how to install mitigation systems up to astatine.
3 daveh873 No, I fucking hate people
3 Jakubazookas It might not have been a big deal if the Rays' doctor wasn't a huge asshole.
3 DaveAA Good golly
3 Astronaut Mike Dexter DC should worry more about not embarrassing themselves and less about embarrassing us.
3 PBR me ASAP! Let me be the first to thank Czar Bud for the strike that will cost a season once the CBA expires
3 daveh873 I know a certain O's fan who wouldn't have been in that situation...
3 PBR me ASAP! he called the shit poop!
3 kba26 you actually just feed dollar bills directly into it
3 Stacey that's because you're an effing prima donna
3 Joe Davola Send lawyers, guns, and money

Are you tired of these long, giant tables? If so, let me know and I can pare it down for next week. Our next category is total recs by posters. Maybe you didn't get 15 recs on one comment, but it's possible that you're just a consistently rec'able guy. There were 50 total commenters who received at least one rec on the week. How do you stack up?

RECS Commenter
40 O'sFan21
36 Wieters Wieners
34 tflach2
32 kba26
30 daveh873
29 PBR me ASAP!
28 Stacey
25 Jakubazookas
24 Eat More Esskay
21 the madman of birdland
20 zknower
19 Joe Davola
19 PaulFolk
18 NSOsFan
15 j.q. higgins
15 risuena
14 duck
14 punkrawka
14 Strat12
12 Astronaut Mike Dexter
12 CStoneNo37
12 PonsonPwn
11 PatrioticMerkin
9 Tunaflipper
8 JeCaThRe
7 DaveAA
6 fat_daddyo
6 gio2chat
6 PhilR8
6 sluggo 2.0
6 WestcoastO'sFan
5 perpetualstudent
4 Andrew_G
4 Broktun
3 Philly O's
3 Zeke McGeek
2 Andrew_Lew
2 Jokes & Burns
2 Sierra Matt
2 thewaywardO
1 birdman
1 D.Szymborski
1 dfa
1 Fahrenheit 451
1 InfrasonicTom
1 keyshonn
1 Maffro
1 Osinnyc
1 Quisenberry4Ever
1 sellers.dean

Last but not least is what I think is a very interesting set of numbers: Recs per comments. We had two people this week that had more recs than they did comments, and two more who had a ratio of 1:1. In three of those four cases, the commenter had just one comment on the week, so chalk it up to small sample size if that makes you feel better.

Leading the way with six recs per comment is gio2chat, which is no surprise to anyone. However, gio only made one appearance this week and that one comment left you all wanting more. In second place is the esteemed (in my mind at least) PaulFolk, who spent the last two days defending his positions on instant replay and the O's offseason.

Commenter # Recs # Comments Recs:Comments
gio2chat 6 1 6.00
PaulFolk 19 13 1.46
D.Szymborski 1 1 1.00
Maffro 1 1 1.00
tflach2 34 53 0.64
Stacey 28 54 0.52
InfrasonicTom 1 2 0.50
PonsonPwn 12 24 0.50
sellers.dean 1 2 0.50
NSOsFan 18 42 0.43
zknower 20 53 0.38
risuena 15 40 0.38
perpetualstudent 5 15 0.33
Wieters Wieners 36 113 0.32
PBR me ASAP! 29 100 0.29
kba26 32 151 0.21
daveh873 30 144 0.21
thewaywardO 2 10 0.20
CStoneNo37 12 65 0.18
Eat More Esskay 24 132 0.18
Joe Davola 19 105 0.18
O'sFan21 40 223 0.18
Andrew_G 4 23 0.17
Osinnyc 1 6 0.17
Philly O's 3 18 0.17
PatrioticMerkin 11 70 0.16
DaveAA 7 48 0.15
JeCaThRe 8 55 0.15
Strat12 14 99 0.14
Zeke McGeek 3 23 0.13
Astronaut Mike Dexter 12 101 0.12
Tunaflipper 9 76 0.12
the madman of birdland 21 201 0.10
duck 14 140 0.10
Jakubazookas 25 257 0.10
j.q. higgins 15 160 0.09
dfa 1 11 0.09
WestcoastO'sFan 6 66 0.09
Sierra Matt 2 25 0.08
punkrawka 14 189 0.07
Fahrenheit 451 1 16 0.06
Quisenberry4Ever 1 16 0.06
PhilR8 6 102 0.06
keyshonn 1 18 0.06
fat_daddyo 6 111 0.05
sluggo 2.0 6 119 0.05
Jokes & Burns 2 42 0.05
Broktun 4 85 0.05
Andrew_Lew 2 65 0.03
birdman 1 67 0.01

So there you have it. As I said at the beginning, please provide me feedback on if you like this feature. It's not difficult, but it is a little time consuming. Should I continue with the full lists, cut it back to top 15? Or just scrap the idea altogether?

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