Tuesday Bird Droppings

Greg Fiume

It's prospect season in the baseball universe, which is good since there isn't anything else newsworthy going on

Baseball Prospectus released its Top 101 list yesterday. MLB.com released its list recently. BP, Baseball America, Marc Hulet with Fangraphs, and John Sickles continue to each release there own organizational prospect lists. Keith Law is scheduled to release his Organizational rankings today and his prospect list later this week. So there you have that. List and lists to read until your heart's content.

School of Roch: Brian Roberts: "I never really envisioned ever playing somewhere else"
BriBob gives an exit interview.

Who Could Improve the Most with Ervin Santana or Ubaldo Jimenez? | FanGraphs Baseball
O's rank on here is kinda surprising.

compensation free agents nelson cruz ervin santana ubaldo jimenez stephen drew kendrys morales | FOX Sports on MSN
Hopefully not the O's!

Could Ervin Santana Be Falling Into Orioles' Lap?
This week's theme seems to be Ervin Santana.

Camden Depot: Could Ervin Santana Improve the Orioles Rotation?
More Santana talk.

Playing GM: Jimenez and Maholm | Baltimore Sports and LifeBaltimore Sports and Life

More proverbial logs to throw on the fire that is the burning desire of O's fans to add to the rotation. I, personally, am at the point where I'm ready to see the team go at it with what it's got.

Steve Melewski: Parks on prospects: O's pitching crop can hang with any in baseball

Sort of a reverse Cubs situation going on with the O's: the system is all arms with few talented bats.

Potential Starting Rotations for Low-A to AAA
Bonus exciting Parker Bridwell note.

How well do umpires call balls and strikes? - Beyond the Box Score
Umps: better or worse than you expected?

Dystopian Futures of the AL East | Fire Brand of the American LeagueFire Brand of the American League
If everything went wrong in Birdland, what would it look like?

On this date in 1901, the Baltimore Orioles join 6 other clubs in forming the new American League. The squad would play 2 seasons in Charm City before being hijacked and shipped off to New York, where they would eventually morph into that soulless entity currently known as the New York Yankees.
In 1982, the O's send Doug DeCinces to the Angels for 'Disco' Dan Ford.

Open Thread...He's the Devil. He's smarter than you. He's luckier than you. Whatever you think is supposed to happen, I'm telling you, the exact reverse opposite of that is gonna happen.

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