Orioles @ Yankees spring training game thread, 1:05pm

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

This game exists, if only on YES. You know you want to watch as Caleb Joseph actually gets to start a game in an Orioles uniform, don't you?

You know it's a special day when Caleb Joseph is in an Orioles starting lineup. Sure, it's March 13 and it's a road game, plus there's the fact that Matt Wieters rolled his ankle and is out of action, so people are moved up the chart a little bit. He's like the forgotten guy. Hitting pretty well in Double-A and yet still with all the junk catchers they had in Norfolk, he couldn't move up. That probably means he isn't very good at catching, but hey. Maybe the Orioles just hate him for no reason.

Do you think a starting lineup containing Steve Pearce, Ryan Flaherty, and Henry Urrutia will be enough to forestall complaints about a team not sending enough major leaguers on a road trip? There's also starting pitcher Bud Norris. Those are some qualified major leaguers, but only one of the position players is likely to log significant time in the regular season, though the other two should at least spend time on the team.

The only reason I'm asking is because this is the sort of thing the Marlins complained about with the Red Sox recently. But it doesn't seem like many teams are going to kick that hornet's nest in spring training, even if someone is technically violating an informal or formal rule.

Other pitchers who've made the trip, according to Roch, are Kevin Gausman, Josh Stinson, Brad Brach, Ryan Webb, and Troy Patton. Well, that doesn't look as bad when you count the pitchers. At least three or four of them plus Norris figure to log significant time in the big leagues.

Thursday's game will be televised, marking a distinct difference from the revolution. However, it will be televised only on the YES Network, so you'd better fire up your MLB.tv if you want to watch any of it, like the radar gun on Michael Pineda, just in case you're curious how he's coming back from his shoulder issues. Or if you miss our old friend Russ Canzler. We had some good times, didn't we, Russ? Well, no, I guess we didn't really have any times at all.


Quintin Berry - CF Brett Gardner - CF
Alex Gonzalez - SS Derek Jeter - SS
Henry Urrutia - LF Carlos Beltran - DH
Steve Pearce - 1B Brian McCann - C
Ryan Flaherty - 3B Alfonso Soriano - LF
Delmon Young - DH Eduardo Nunez - 3B
Xavier Paul - RF Dean Anna - 2B
Jonathan Schoop - 2B Zoilo Almonte - RF
Caleb Joseph - C Russ Canzler - 1B
Bud Norris - RHP Michael Pineda - RHP

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