Orioles GIFs of the Week

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Teams win and lose, but GIFs stay the same.

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Yeah, this should have been in last week's GIFs but I forgot. One of our lovely Camden Chat members pointed this out to me.

In case you missed the umpire signaling fair, you were probably hearing Gary Thorne excitedly reporting that this is a fair ball. The ballgirl bolts from her seat and make a nice snag on the run. Other than, perhaps, the feat of solidly hitting a major league pitch, she demonstrates the greatest athleticism of anybody in this GIF. She celebrates for a brief moment.

She realizes her error a moment later. Oops. We've all been there. But hey, if she has an arm, maybe she can replace Schoop at third? Just until Manny comes back.



Heh. The Rays played this about as well as they could, which is to say there is no play. For their troubles they're left staring at a stupid ball that just refused to go foul, hands on hips and everything. The umpire comes running up the line to rub it in.

Well, a run is a run. Good job, Dr. Jones.



The Orioles need every starting pitcher not named Chris Tillman to step up if they're going to go anywhere this season. Wei-Yin Chen turned in a satisfactory performance that was #StaffAce approved.



I just chuckled when I saw this because it depicts the unrelenting seriousness of Nick Markakis. I don't know what other face you're supposed to make when a ball goes zinging three feet above your head and into the screen, but it just struck me as so very Markakis.

Filed under: Nick Turning His Head Quickly to Reveal a Stern Countenance

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I cannot help but chuckle looking this GIF, made by Camden Chat regular Southern Marylander and posted to celebrate a win for the Orioles. In case you're not familiar with the referenced GIF, look here.

Maybe you have your own favorite from him, but this is mine so far. All of the best Orioles GIFs affirm the truth that you have to be a bit insane to be an Orioles fan.

That's it for this week. Don't forget to vote below. Follow @OriolesGIFs for all of the GIF action all week long. Retweet some stuff. Send me your requests by tweeting at that handle. Thanks for watching!

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