Orioles GIFs of the Week

Mitchell Layton

Another week of the GIFs that keep on giving

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That right there is worth 2 RBIs. Granted it takes a drawn-in infield to bloop a ball over and two runners in scoring position to set that up.

Batters have it easy. Until recently, with the dreaded transfer rule, a fielder would have to catch the ball and hold it securely while doing a full "ten Mississippi" count before doing anything else, otherwise forfeit the game. Something like that. Batters can just go flinging their equipment anywhere, appearing to be completely out of control, but endure no scrutiny whatsoever.

Anyway, I like how Matt Wieters first looks at the bat flying to his right and only then at the ball in its path into left field. Heh. Here's yet another angle on the hit, if you would enjoy that.



Just one of those sportsball GIFs. Big situation, go-ahead runs, stuff like that.



Adam Jones has stated that Nick Markakis has a get-out-of-pie-free card for life, well at least free from having the pie smashed in his face. Jones says it is because of his tenure with the Orioles, but we're just going to assume it's because 'Kakes is so darn serious, and it would make him grumpy... not that you could discern a difference.


Of course Jones had to find another target.


The bird appeared to be dazed initially but then seemed to become excited and delirious with the thrill of victory.



Tommy Hunter flips his hat off and gets ready to catch that home run ball from Nelson Cruz. But up storms Darren O'Day, who catches it barehanded. Everybody celebrates! Except Tommy. That was Tommy's ball.

That's it for this week. Don't forget to vote below. Follow @OriolesGIFs for all of the GIF action all week long. Retweet some stuff. Send me your requests by tweeting at that handle. Thanks for watching!

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