Game 25: Pirates (10-16) @ Orioles (12-12), 4:05

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates are in town for a two-game series that, as it turns out, will be played on the same day. Aren't doubleheaders fun? Game 1 features Bud Norris pitching for the Orioles, with Charlie Morton pitching for the Pirates.

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If you're a certain age, you can't see or think of the Pirates without a lament for what might have been. That was before my time, leaving the Pirates to feel more like our fellow travelers on the road of the long-time losers. Both teams have turned it around in recent years, which is nice for both sets of fans.

And yet, of all the things that were in the greatest of television shows, The Wire, the most glaring inaccuracy was that Carcetti, man of Baltimore that he is supposed to be, would use that song (you know what I mean) as his campaign victory music. No one would do this. Unless perhaps that was a subtle wink that Carcetti was not truly Baltimore at all? That would be in-character.

In any case, today there will be two baseball games, one right after the other. This is cool. Manny Machado has been activated from the disabled list, which is also cool, although he isn't playing in the first game, which isn't so cool. In fact, it seems like the Orioles are getting the forfeit lineup out of the way in the first game, rather than the second. They probably all feel like forfeit games with Chris Davis on the DL, although it's not like he was hitting anyway. How is this team .500 again?

Today's Lineups

Jose Tabata - RF Jemile Weeks - 2B
Ike Davis - 1B Nelson Cruz - LF
A. McCutchen - CF Nick Markakis - RF
Pedro Alvarez - 3B Adam Jones - CF
Gaby Sanchez - DH Delmon Young - DH
Neil Walker - 2B Steve Clevenger - C
Starling Marte - LF J.J. Hardy - SS
Tony Sanchez - C Steve Pearce - 1B
Jordy Mercer - SS Ryan Flaherty - 3B
Charlie Morton - RHP Bud Norris - RHP
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