Orioles GIFs of the Week

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Let's review a good week for the Orioles - with GIFs!

Place your mouse over the GIFs to activate. Vote for your favorite below.



Umpires tend not to be emphatic or quick about calls when the guy is out by a mile and slows to a walk 25 feet from the bag. Still, J.J. Hardy wants to be sure this inning is good and over.

You can see the thought process: Tag the base. Three outs. We're good. Wait, should I throw to third? Let's just tag this guy - we only need one out. WHERE IS THE CALL, DUDE?



Tropicana Field is an odd place. I think Matt Wieters might be wondering how a portion of the lights in the dome are out, yet two giant screens are still glaring brightly behind him.



I can't quite identify the guy who is most animatedly encouraging the ball to fly over the wall and join them in the bullpen. It might be Brian Matusz who is not reacting at all. Then perhaps it's the bullpen coach on the end of the bench who leans away, a bit worried the ball might ricochet in his direction. Overall a more subdued celebration for these guys (early in the game?) but charming nonetheless.

The Astros bench perfectly executes the part of the opposing team's bullpen: stay stone still and offer a collective "Whatever." The Orioles do this too, of course. But some bullpens seem to intentionally not react to their own team's home runs too. What's up with that? Fine, you're a badass professional or something - the position players will be having a good time celebrating in the dugout without you.



Obviously Adam Jones exhorts his Twitter followers to #StayHungry, but his home runs also prompt some serious thirst.

Besides beer guy, I also like the guy in front, whose face is locked in a never-ending "woooooooo" or other such cheer. There's also a high five behind beer guy and beer guy's friend who looks to be turning to get a high five of his own when he realizes his buddy is engaged in another activity and offers a pat on the shoulder instead.



Manny Machado and Jonathan Schoop get special celebration with Nelson Cruz. They are even subtly different! One has a two-handed main sequence, the other one-handed. One ends with a single, emphatic "guns" flourish, one with a more subdued double. Hard to keep it straight!

Everybody else patiently waits for their standard high five. Except for Buck. He only has time to wait for Cruz and Manny, get his five, and get back to managing.

Here is a similar scene with these guys, from last week.

That's it for this week. Don't forget to vote below. Follow @OriolesGIFs for all of the GIF action all week long. Retweet some stuff. Send me your requests by tweeting at that handle. Thanks for watching!

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