Field of Dreams: Camden Chat Softball Game

Summer is here and time is right for sending a brush back pitch to your least favorite Camden Chatter.

I would like to organize a CC softball game at a local park if there is enough interest. Skill level doesn't matter. As long as you're willing to catch a ball and swing a bat, you're eligible to play. Tenure at CC doesn't matter either. If you're a lurker or a long time poster, feel free to come. In order to organize a game, I could use feedback on the following topics in order to maximize attendance. If there's enough interest, then we can decide upon other logistical matters like rules, umps, and the creation of teams (maybe VA vs. MD for example). In order to gauge interest, I've created a google doc which I encourage you to fill out. In addition, please feel free to leave comments about your interest level and date/place preferences to help contextualize your answers. I've provided some initial thoughts below.


Obviously the weekend is the best. I'm not sure about Sunday or Saturday though. The O's are on the west coast during the July dates that I've chosen. We could organize a 1:30 game and head somewhere afterwards to watch the game at 4 pm. I left out Independence Day weekend but if that's a good time, mention it in the comments.


I was initially thinking about picking a place between Baltimore and DC in order to draw both Baltimore and DC people. However, the distance may end up alienating both populations so it might be better to pick one or another.


In the comments, please indicate if you can bring an extra glove, ball, bat or any other relevant equipment.

The Google Doc to submit your answers is located here. Please fill it out once at your earliest convenience!

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