Orioles GIFs of the Week

Mitchell Layton

Maybe some Orioles-themed GIFs will make your day a little better? I hope so, because that's what this post has for you.

Place your mouse over the GIFs to activate. Vote for your favorite below.



A scuffling Chris Davis didn't start this game, but he did end it with a pinch-hit, walk-off home run. For his efforts he gets a rather mischievous pie in the face from Adam Jones.



The exclamation point at the end of this GIF's title is for how alarming this home run ball from Nelson Cruz was for a couple of fans in the front row. But hey, the Orioles hadn't done anything offensively in the game to this point and suddenly balls are clanking off railings and guys are jumping at you. Scary!

That was a game-tying grand slam, BTW.



David Lough just got in the game as a pinch runner. He was going to run his heart out, dang it. He got on his horse, taking off from first on Nick Markakis' long single to the right field. He would have been out by a mile at the plate and, with zero outs, this would have been one of the craziest sends in Bobby Dickerson history. As far as Lough knew, at the time, the ball rolled to the wall or was misplayed and he was about to charge home and win this game. But then Dickerson throws up his left hand at the last second and, well, things went quite differently. For now.

That leads us to...



After that last play, ending with Lough diving into the grass and scampering back to third, Buck seems less than happy. He shoots a look at... someone down at third base. My guess would be Bobby Dickerson for his role in the debacle (but hey, thanks for the GIF!). Here's another one showing Dickerson looking a bit uncomfortable.

The Orioles did win a moment later, with Lough finally getting to the plate on a wild pitch. Everybody, including Buck, looks happier.




I wish they gave away Orioles hats every day. Whenever they do, the excitable Gary Thorne and less excitable Jim Palmer feel free to get a bit crazy. It's always awesome. Another hat day provided the raw material for what is still my favorite GIF that I have ever made.

Please let your imagination run wild with what is even happening in this GIF. Some have suggested that the Hall of Fame pitcher is exuding a hip-hop vibe, with his look and hand motions. Whatever you think is happening, you're right!

But if you really want to know what they're saying you can look here. But that kinda takes away some of the magic. It's still pretty great, though.

That's all for this week. Don't forget to vote below. Follow @OriolesGIFs for all of the GIF action all week long. Retweet some stuff. Send me your requests by tweeting at that handle. Thanks for watching!

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