MLB Draft 2014: Complete list of Orioles picks

Rich Schultz

The complete list of draft picks made by the Baltimore Orioles in the 2014 MLB Draft.

The Orioles finished up their 2014 draft on Saturday afternoon with rounds 11-40. When everything was said and done, they took 38 players in this year's draft. Of these 38 players, they selected 27 pitchers and 11 position players. Among the pitchers, 20 are right-handed and seven are left-handed. For the position players, six are infielders and five are outfielders. They did not select a catcher this year.

There were only eight high school players picked by the O's, with six coming from the junior college ranks and the rest coming from four-year colleges. Fifteen of these are seniors.

If recent history is any indication, the Orioles will be signing the majority of these players. Since the new draft slotting system came into place in 2012, the Orioles have signed 32 of 41 picks in 2013 and 30 of 40 picks the year before that. They have only failed to sign a pick in the first ten rounds - which are the ones that contribute to the total bonus pool - once in those two years, when 2012's fifth round pick Colin Poche went to college at Arkansas instead of signing with the Orioles.

2014 Orioles Draft Picks

Round Player Position School Hometown DOB Height Weight Bats Throws
3 (90) Brian Gonzalez LHP Archbishop McCarthy HS Miramar, FL 10/25/95 6'1" 230 R L
4 (121) Pat Connaughton RHP Notre Dame Winchester, MA 1/6/93 6'5" 210 R R
5 (151) David Hess RHP Tennessee Tech Tullahoma, TN 7/10/93 6'2" 210 R R
6 (181) Tanner Scott LHP Howard College Mogarore, OH 7/22/94 6'2" 220 R L
7 (211) Max Schuh LHP UCLA Fresno, CA 3/13/92 6'4" 210 L L
8 (241) Steve Wilkerson 2B Clemson Roswell, GA 1/11/92 6'1" 185 S R
9 (271) Austin Anderson 3B Ole Miss Sorrento, CA 6/18/92 6'0" 200 L R
10 (301) Jay Gonzalez OF Univ. of Mount Olive Orlando, FL 12/11/91 5'11" 185 L L
11 (331) John Means LHP West Virginia Olathe, KS 4/24/93 6'3" 225 L L
12 (361) Nigel Nootbaar RHP Univ. of Southern California El Segundo, CA 3/24/93 6'0" 180 R R
13 (391) Matt Trowbridge LHP Central Michigan Mokena, IL 3/24/93 5'10" 225 L L
14 (421) Gerrion Grim RF Jefferson College St. Charles, MO 9/17/93 6'2" 190 R R
15 (451) Alejandro Juvier 2B Doral Academy (HS) Miami, FL 1/20/96 6'1" 180 L R
16 (481) Tanner Chleborad RHP Washington State Rapid City, SD 11/4/92 6'5" 190 R R
17 (511) Jean Cosme RHP Colegio Sagrada Familia (PR) Toa Alta, PR 5/24/96 6'2" 155 R R
18 (541) Matthew Grimes RHP Georgia Tech Hoschton, GA 9/4/91 6'6" 210 R R
19 (571) Connor Seabold RHP Newport Harbor HS Newport Beach, CA 1/24/96 6'2" 175 R R
20 (601) Zach Albin RHP UConn - Avery Point Bethel, CT 6/14/93 6'2" 195 R R
21 (631) John McLeod LHP Wake Forest Renton, WA 6/3/92 6'4" 220 L L
22 (661) Josh Walker RHP New Mexico Rio Rancho, NM 12/18/91 6'2" 175 R R
23 (691) Zeke McGranahan RHP Georgia Gwinnett  College Durham, NC 1/3/91 6'4" 215 R R
24 (721) Lucas Long RHP Univ. of San Diego Minneapolis, MN 10/7/92 6'0" 195 R R
25 (751) Brandon Bonilla LHP Grand Canyon Univ. Bradenton, FL 10/21/93 6'4" 215 R L
26 (781) Gage Burland RHP East Valley HS Spokane, WA 6/27/95 6'2" 195 R R
27 (811) Austin Pfeiffer SS Univ. of Arkansas-Little Rock Benton, AR 5/25/91 6'4" 225 R R
28 (841) James Carter RHP Chabot College Danville, CA 3/10/94 6'3" 185 R R
29 (871) Patrick Baker RHP Anne Arundel CC Fairfax, VA 8/15/93 6'3" 215 R R
30 (901) Michael Burke RHP Univ. of Buffalo Cleveland, OH 8/27/92 6'2" 200 R R
31 (931) Riley Palmer 3B S. New Hampshire Univ. Goffstown, NH 11/15/91 6'4" 215 L R
32 (961) Jamill Moquete RF UMass-Boston Boston, MA 2/13/92 6'3" 215 R R
33 (991) Brandon Koch RHP Temecula Valley HS Temecula, CA 12/7/95 6'4" 210 R R
34 (1021) Garrett Pearson RHP St. John's College HS Washington, DC 3/21/96 6'6" 220 R R
35 (1051) Tad Gold CF Endicott College Martha's Vineyard, MA 3/1/91 6'1" 195 L L
36 (1081) Alexander Lee 1B Radford Univ. Kent, WA 1/14/91 6'3" 205 R R
37 (1111) Hunter Hart RHP St. Joseph Ogden HS St. Joseph, IL 9/3/95 6'3" 180 R R
38 (1141) Keegan Ghidotti RHP Ouachita Baptist Univ. Elizabeth, CO 4/4/92 6'2" 210 R R
39 (1171) Tucker Simpson RHP Chipola College Oxford, AL 5/12/93 6'5" 229 R R
40 (1201) T.J. Olesczuk CF Winthrop Univ. Courtlandt Manor, NY 2/5/92 6'0" 195 R R

The deadline to sign these picks is July 18. The Orioles have $2,204,400 to spend on their picks from rounds 3-10. They can exceed that amount by up to 5% without being penalized in draft picks, though there is a 75% tax on any amount over their bonus pool.

If a player in the first ten rounds does not sign, the team loses that pick's slot money from its pool. Any pick beyond round 10 may be signed to a bonus of up to $100,000 without counting against the team's bonus pool. The amount over $100,000, if any, would count against the bonus pool for a pick from those rounds.

Maybe the next great Oriole of the future is somewhere on the above list. Maybe there's even more than one future great Oriole here. Now wouldn't that be something?

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