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Site Project: 29 Trades for 29 Teams

Camden Chat will be writing twenty-nine trade proposals for twenty-nine different teams. Could be fun!

Thursday Bird Droppings

Good morning, Camden Chatters. I had hoped yesterday to write up the goings on at the Hot Stove but the truth is nothing has really happened. Not for the Orioles, anyway. It looks like C.J. Wilson...

Wednesday Bird Droppings

With day 2 of the Winter Meetings in the hopper, the O's remain on the sidelines, but rumors of action abound. Lot of ins, lot of outs, lots of irons in lots of fire. We'll see what happens! School...

Tuesday Bird Droppings

Congratulations to kba26 for winning this week of Pick 'Em. As with most weeks, there was a tie going into MNF, and his pick of 46 points put him over the top. It was a good week for Astronaut Mike...

Monday Bird Droppings

Happy Winter Meetings! Yes, it's time for MLB's annual orgy of free agent signings and blockbuster trades...though it usually tends to be something less than that, it will be interesting to see...

NFL Week 13 Open Thread

yakkin' on football with baseball peeps at cc.

Sunday Bird Droppings

Top questions for Duquette and Orioles heading into the winter meetings - Sacramento BeeIt's The Sun's story on the challenges facing our new President of...whatever. Title's way too long. Steve...

Orioles and the 2012 BBWAA Hall of Fame Ballot: An Assessment

The 2012 BBWAA ballot for election to the Hall of Fame was released Wednesday. Former Oriole and Brave Javy Lopez has been added to this year's ballot in addition to return candidates (in order of...

Saturday Bird Droppings

First, let me congratulate my former high school, Old Mill, for capturing the 4A State Championship last night at M&T stadium for the second time in three years. The Patriots overcame a 21-0...

Camden Chat's FanPost Contest

Don't forget about CC's FanPost contest! The deadline is 5 p.m. on Sunday, December 4th. It's beginning to look like this contest is a bust since there has only been one submission. Live and learn.

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