Bill Duck


Bill Duck began contributing to Camden Chat when it was distributed monthly on cuneiform tablets and the Orioles played on a Revolutionary War military training field they would have to sweep for broken glass before each inning. He's a dad, a husband, a high school history teacher, a wrestling tournament director, a political media consultant and generally a nice guy. Except when it comes to opera. He hates opera. And Pittsburgh. Hates that, too.


Sunday Bird Droppings


The bats don't do much, Colorado's GM must be smoking something, and a slight change is coming to the rotation, but Buck ain't saying what.

Saturday Bird Droppings


Manny's coming back any day now, Kevin Gausman might have a second career as a professional eater, and Chris Davis runs into one to win the game for the O's last night.

Sunday Bird Droppings


The bats awaken, the O's are maybe, kinda thinking about a trade for A.J. Burnett and Hunter Harvey liked the Futures Game.

A.L. East mid-season review: center field


Five American League East center fielders entered this season with starting jobs locked down. Two have already lost those jobs, one isn't quite worth the money he's being paid, and two are doing...

Sunday Bird Droppings


O's bats take an afternoon nap, #TeamSteve regains a member, and Nelson Cruz is just really happy.

Sunday Bird Droppings


Manny Machado's back, John Lackey needs a clue, and Buck Showalter just wants what's best for Nolan Reimold. Been nice knowing ya, kid.

Sunday Bird Droppings


O's drop another, the bats are impatient, and really, any day now, we'll find out about Manny's appeal. Any day now...

Sunday Bird Droppings


Orioles win but Bud Norris exits early, Manny's fate still a mystery, and Dylan Bundy has a good day. A very good day.


O's @ Rays: Sacré Bleu!

Last night sucked, and if the Orioles manage to lose to the re-animated corpse of Érik Bédard, well, that will suck even more. Monsieur Bédard has, not shockingly, found it difficult to go deep...


Orioles @ Rays: What's That Odorizzi?

Wei-Yin Chen has a 1.45 ERA in June. You know that's not going to last the whole season. The Orioles' rotation has had seven consecutive Quality Starts. You know that's not going to last the whole...

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