Kevin Ebert


Author at Camden Chat. Likes baseball and numbers and stuff.


A.L. East mid-season review: LF and DH


The Orioles have been the best in the division in left field and designated hitter mainly thanks to one man: Nelson Cruz.

Dylan Bundy is on the way back to Baltimore


Dylan Bundy looked great on Friday night, but he still has things to work on. I was there to watch him pitch for the Ironbirds, where he won't be pitching much longer.

What should the Orioles do with six starters?


When Miguel Gonzalez returns from the DL on Tuesday, the Orioles rotation will have six members. Will the Orioles actually stay with a six man rotation? If they don't, what should they do?

Has Bud Norris found the missing link?


Bud Norris has pitched to middling results for the Orioles. This year, something significant has changed about his repertoire that could lead to much more success for him.

Orioles Draft Review: 2009


As the draft, approaches we take a look at what the Orioles were able to accomplish during the 2009 draft. There are a few interesting names on the list.

The Importance of Being Quick to the Plate


Some of the Orioles pitchers have been allowing a lot of stolen bases this season, while others have barely had a steal attempted against them. Is this just random variation, or is there a reason...

Manny Machado plays the field for the first time


Manny Machado is rehabbing with the Frederick Keys. He played the field for the first time on Saturday afternoon. He looked healthy, but maybe he was holding something back.

Who will play 2B when Manny Machado returns?


With Manny Machado on the mend to take over third base duties, the Orioles will have three players on the roster for one position. Who should take the bulk of the playing time at second base?

The Orioles should DFA Delmon Young immediately.

The Orioles only have 25 roster spots and one of them shouldn't be used for a player that doesn't provide anything different than other members of the roster. The Orioles should find a more useful...

The optimal Orioles lineup


Most MLB managers don't use a perfectly optimized lineup. I attempt to show what the optimized Orioles lineup would look like, even if it's different from what the club actually uses.

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