Kevin Ebert


Author at Camden Chat. Likes baseball and numbers and stuff.


Boston Red Sox season preview


While we wait for the games to start counting, let's see how the World Series champion Boston Red Sox look coming into 2014. They have to deal with some major losses in the offseason. Were they...

Which A.L. East team has the best left fielder?


We continue our tour of the A.L. East by position. Here, we rank the left field situation for each of the five teams in the A.L. East. After beginning the offseason with a giant hole in left field,...

Getting to Know Ubaldo Jimenez


The Orioles jumped into the free agent market to sign Ubaldo Jimenez. Just how good is the pitcher that the team signed to one of the largest free agent contracts in their history?

Making the case to sign A.J. Burnett

The Orioles need to improve their starting rotation in 2014. The best way to do that without committing to a player for multiple seasons or giving away a draft pick is to sign a free agent pitcher...

The Orioles can improve their back up catcher


The Orioles back up catchers accumulated a half win below replacement level last season. Signing George Kottaras would be an inexpensive way to improve the position. He would complement Matt...

SBN winter meetings simulation - Orioles edition

In what is every fan's dream, I got to act like Dan Duquette for a week. I improved the club as much as I could by signing free agents and making trades with other GM's. Come see what I did and let...

Trade targets to upgrade the Orioles rotation

The Orioles rotation struggled mightily in 2013. Who should they trade for this offseason in order to make improvements to the rotation? A couple of the teams that went deep into the playoffs may...

Why Manny Machado deserves to win a Gold Glove

Not only did Manny Machado play the best third base in the American League this season, he played as well or better than any other third baseman has played in the era of defensive metrics. Maybe...

Orioles free agent target: Jeff Baker

Jeff Baker would help the Orioles in a couple of different ways. He specializes in hitting against a certain type of pitcher that the Orioles have traditional struggled against. Find out what he...

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